It is no longer news that Southern Kaduna of late has graced different news outlets with the hope of attracting those at the helm of affairs of this country, in order to finding a lasting solution and panacea to the long lasting rancor that has preyed it’s image.


Despite series of pleas and pretentiously assumed roles played by the governor, who once admitted  that he paid the herds men to stop the attack and killing of Southern Kaduna people, the renewed attack of today being the 13th day of March 2017 at Mallagum village under Kaura local government leave many to wonder. This is unacceptable and can’t continue, we refuse to be silenced while standing and breathing. ‎

It will be an act of cowardice to continue to hold and brandish the olive branch while the people are being killed with reckless abandon. At this juncture, the southern Kaduna people are therefore left with no other option than to stand in defense of whatever attack they may be confronted with. We are by this means calling on all those living in Southern Kaduna not to give in and die like handicapped people buy to stand at alert and defend themselves whenever an attack arise. This, we feel is pertinent and of paramount importance since the Chief Security officer of the state has lost his bearings. ‎

It is on record that these people, majority of them, no longer have means of livelihood, they have given up farming for the fear of sudden attack by these miscreants whose purpose of the dastardly act is still unknown. The government of Kaduna State in its entirety is not sincere in the fight against these intruders and protection of lives and properties of Southern Kaduna people. We condemn this lukewarm in totality ‎


We once called for a virile vigilante to be set up, suffix it to say that till now, no effort in that regard has been made neither has any action been taken to cushion the rampage of these incessant killings. Since the government has lost its roles by no longer caring for its citizens in the state, we will have no option left than to defend ourselves and return whatever action melted to us by the evil marauders. ‎


We can no longer take this and romance it as though it means nothing when we bury our young and innocent people on daily basis due to the senseless attack by faceless group of miscreants.


Since the governor and the government of Muhammad Buhari has decided to continue playing politics with the lives of the people of Southern Kaduna, we shall stand up in defense for our precious lives from this time henceforth. ‎




‎National Coordinator,

Voice of Northern Minority.


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  1. To every action, an equal and opposite reaction. Necessary for balance. These are bad people after all; and no sane society condones criminals and their criminality.

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