By Enoch Zigwai Danjuma

The Case Of Luka Binniyat Came With Lots Of Feelings And Interpretations As To Whether Or Not It Was Right To Stand With Someone The Government Of The Day Might Have Tagged As An ‘Enemy Of The State’. This Has Made Many Sons & Daughters Who Are Close To The Government Of El-Rufai To Consciously Run And Stay Away From Anything Or Action Related To Showing Unity Of Purpose In Standing With Luka Binniyat In His Present Trial, For Daring To Report The Genocide Taking Place In SouthernKaduna. This Act Of Staying Away Wasn’t Only Tied To Political Party Affiliations, No! It Was Evident Amidst Top Southern Kaduna Elites Who For Fear Or Intimidation Have cowed-in Not To Show Solidarity To A True Patriot Of The Southern¬† Kaduna Soil.

Hon. Barr Sunny Marshall Katung at the middle and Mr. Luka Binniyat first at the Hon. Right

Albeit True Above, Hon. Barr. Sunny Marshal Katung Yesterday Displayed The Qualities Of A True Leader To Identify With His Own People Irrespective Of The Times And/or Circumstances. Yesterday, 31/08/17, Luka Binniyat Was Re-arraigned In Court After Spending 51Days In Jail Of His 50 Nights Of Solitude Experiences. Leaders Must Learn To Stand With Their Own People During The Worst Of Moments, For Indeed, Therein Lies The Greatest Virtue Of True Representation. It’s A Lesson Of Humility And Forthrightness Which All Need To Imbibe No Matter What Happens To Anyone And Everyone; An Attitude Which Can Summarily Be Highlighted As, “ONE FOR ALL & ALL FOR ONE”.

Luka Binniyat Is To Remain In Jail Pending Meeting Of The Bail Conditions Which Have Been Interpreted As Unjust And Presently Appealed, However, The Case Hearing And Application Of The Appeal Have Been Adjourned To 09/October/2017. The Judge Is Justice Bashir Sukola, Who Himself Hasn’t Been Happy With The Way Many Are Recalling His Case With EFCC To Question His Integrity In The Handling Of The Case, Especially The Bail Conditions He Read Out For An Accused Person Who Is Not Yet Charged Guilty.

The Spirit Of Brotherhood Must First Be Our Responsibility To One Another, First As Humans Before The Menial Roots Of Divisions Taking Roots From Party Or Loyalty To Hands Of Esau’s Which Bear The Voice Of Jacob. The Test Of Brotherhood Comes First Before That Of Patriotism To A Nation Or Subnationalaties. Indeed, The Individuals Make Up Its Own Nation. Now Is Not The Time To Argue Whether Or Not It Is Right To Be Seen With Luka Binniyat, No, It’s Not. It’s Time To Stand Against Forces Which Directly Or Indirectly Seek To Create And Exploit In Any Lack Of Unity In SouthernKaduna.

Thank You Hon. Barr. Sunny Marshal Katung For Daring To Stand Where Many Have Had The Hearts Fail To Think Or Attempt Doing So. God Bless And Reward All For Daring To Stand With Luka Binniyat.

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