The springboard:

On 28th April 2020 the state PRO of PDP claimed that WADATA PLAZA approved commuting of the present party excos to care taker committees. On 30th April 2020,he issued another statement withdrawing parts of his earlier letter(withdrawal of approval of new ward excos) for reason we projected- since he released his dated 28th April 2020.

Let’s get after it:

Since only approval of ward excos list was withrawn other orders subsist i.e.conversion of LG, zonal and state party excos to CTCs. To the best of our knowledge,tenures of the three branches of the party(LG,Zone,and state) are still on. When they expire,the ritual of swearing in can take place.

Very critical reality:

The 28th April 2020 approval letter gave the state the authority to inaugurate new ward excos on 30th April 2020. This task given, even without their withdrawal letter,was not possible. Why? Because of the lockdown in Kaduna state(it was a Thursday- day that movement is illegal), and the law forbiding large gatherings. Ward excos are usually inaugurated at LG party office. A rough estimate shows that,they are almost two hundred,excluding LG party exos, major stakeholders and their loved ones.

Big quagmire:

A careful reader will notice a vacuum in these dramas being staged by WADATA PLAZA and Kaduna state PDP leaders. And somehow,they swam their fins into the net of confusion that only divine intervention can salvage them.
Techniccally,their withdrawal left wards without CTC or legal party excos. Once in such quandary,only 100% unity of party members and all stateholders can solve the problem.

Joke stretched too far:

Somehow,the state chairman of the party Mr.Felix Hassan Hyet realised that they have dribbled themselves and scored an own goal. Again,instead of drawing back and peruse the situation properly,he went into another nauseating and no nuisance value misadventure which is;public convertion and inauguration of ward excos that their tenures expired on 30th April 2020 to CTCs.

Who gave him the power to do that? We saw a letter that converted higher party organs to CTCs but didn’t see the one that authorised the illegal midnight announcement of 30th April 2020.

The man with red net:

Mr.Hyet said he performed a public inauguration of 255 ward excos at midnight. Wow, what a genius!
(a) How many ward excos live in vallages that have internet?

(b) How many of them have gadgets and accounts that privide visual functions?

(c) How many of them live in villages that have power for clear images?

(d) How were oath papers administered?

(e) Where can we locate that mode of leadership initiation in PDP’s laws and our 1999 constitution(as amended)?

Kai mai jan kwamo,kifi na ganinka(Hey the man with a red net,the fish sees you).

The need to upgrade:

Mr.Hyet and his people need to upgrade their mentality to realities of 21st century and its level of poltical consciousness. They must quit swimming in delusionalism of what used to be to the sentiment of the moment. They pointed and killed(politically) between 1999-2014 using the office and position of the governor. Much water has passed down the political bridge. So, thinking and acting the old way will only affect the electoral fortune of the party and scarter the whole party.

I swear, the time of “Mai girma gwamna ya che” is gone. And gone for good. No more name dropping.

Deja vu.

Hasta la victoria siempre.

John Danfulani
2nd May 2020
Facebook:John Danfulani

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