Daniel Musa Yerima


The need for social accountability, mobilisation and inclusive governance participation is now potent and a viable tool especially in overseeing governmental programs, policies, and of course budgetary disbursement. One of the key advantage is allowing grass root to monitor the affairs of the governing authorities.

 To be true to federalism and grass root political participation, Nigeria still have a long way to go. The participatory gap is grossly felt. Political motivations have timely been laying cold. This has of course birthed legislative lack of committed, corruption, mass intolerance, and leadership incompetency.

 We have an issue we must be committed in dealing with. The average citizen must be aware that the government are accountable to him, and the government is also responsible in promoting social and economic welfare of the state.

Political participation is appealing and there is no barrier to who wants to be engaged in it. Hence, we must therefore entrust to ourselves the trust of making sure that Nigeria is becoming more habitable to everyone than ever before.

 We must therefore ensure and participate in legislative and policy advocacy, public sensitisation, political campaigns policies evaluations, and making persistent research, evaluations of what should always be done by federal and state governing authorities.

 We must know that national change is a deliberate action that we all must be committed to. We cannot change what we don’t touch and influence. Political participation and engagement gives everyone of us a chance to make Nigeria a better place.


Daniel Musa Yerima

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