The inspiration to write came from many sources; the most primary is Almighty God, the author of my faith. Barely a year ago, writing a book was the last chore I wanted to do. This was due to a heavy subscription to the narrative that: “Nigerians do not read.” This view soon changed when I met some intelligentsias. At every turn and toss, I find myself indebted to people without whom this work would have not seen the light of the day. My unreserved gratitude goes to Prof. Emmanuel Ndan Danladi, Prof. Kabir Mato and Dr. Mustapha Jarimi, my university teachers. Their insight and exposure ensured a dissertation is now translated into this book -two years after. Many thanks to late Prof. Andrew Jonathan Nok, erstwhile Kaduna State Commissioner of Education, I am still in awe of your demise and the candle light brevity of life even as I write. To Francis Damina, my big brother, I’m immensely honoured for the reposed confidence in me. It was Mr. Damina who personally recommended this work to Alhaji Ja’afaru Ibrahim Sani, the Commissioner of Education and ultimately to Mallam Adamu Adamu, Minister of Education.

Deserving of a special mention is Adamu Tilde who gave explicit permission to reproduce his piece titled: “A Letter to Northern Intellectuals”. I am grateful to Ms. Judith Barna of the European Union for her insightful treatise on insurgency in Northern Nigeria. I am indepted to the staff and management of Gusau Institute Kaduna for making their library available while writing this book and also hosting me on a creative writing internship, likewise my friend Sada Malumfashi of Yasmin El-Rufai Foundation.

Unbeknownst to Mahmud Jega, the Editor of Daily Trust Newspaper, he has been of tremendous tutelage. I began to read vintage Jega at the impressionable age of fifteen, my father has a rich collection of his works with Citizen Magazine in the 90s. Mahmud Jega’s political insight and witty style of writing triggers me to engage in sociopolitical discourse. Now I cannot agree less, verily apart from the author many people contribute to the writing of a book.

My gratitude is again pledged to my parents and siblings who have been very supportive of my course. As I always tell friends, my parents inducted me into the realm of political conscientisation. They deposited in me, genes that make me heavily interested in media happenings, information and political discourses. I am grateful for the duty of spiritual guidance from my Parish Priest, Very Reverend Fr. Bulus Karis Lukas and Reverend Fr. Atta Barkindo Ph.D, Director of the Kukah Centre.

I must also extend my gratitude to Messrs Jotham Ayuba, Salihu Usman, Bashir Ciroma, Ibrahim Adamu, Jesse Abu, Patrick Achi Esq. and Japthet Rumbu. Not forgetting Shedrack Bamai for the initiative of the copy page. Thanks of a more personal nature to Queen Aaron. I doff my hat for Abugyan Akut and Alpha Yamush for proofreading the entire work and making the initial draft more readable. I say “gratias” to a host of others whose mention now eludes me.

The piece is built on the backdrop of political insights from an educational perspective. It underscores Ngugi Wa Thiongo’s assertion that: ‘Every writer; is a writer in politics. The only question is what and whose politics.’ Without ulterior motives the treatise dabbles into the murky waters of politics to punctuate opinions with professional admonishment on educational policies. It lends a voice on the dire need to give posterity a sound legacy of basic numeracy and literacy, without prejudice to any individual, religion, tribe or gender. God’s willing the public presentation/launch will reach you in a jiffy.

Richard Dukpa Dambo
Monday, 14th May, 2018.


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