The renewed eruption of unprovoked violence visited on the peace-loving people of Godogodo Chiefdom of Jama’a Local Government by armed gunmen totally stands condemned.

It is unbelievable that assemblages of villages in the Chiefdom that have never been associated with violence are today mercilessly bearing the brunt of a mindless evil from men whose motive for the killings and destruction defies any civil explanation.

Previously, some villages within the same chiefdom were attacked and totally sacked and its inhabitants turned into displaced person in their hundreds. This latest one is even more devastating because of the high number of those killed and displaced. More terrible is the near absolute destruction meted on Godogodo town.

As it is now, human security which in its broader sense encompasses good governance, quality health care, accessibility to affordable education and the right to live peacefully and prosper, has come under threat by the current displacement and killing that had befallen the people of Godogodo Chiefdom and unless urgently tackled, it would get worse.

So, since the State Government is quietly aware of the fact that Peace and Security in any community is a prerequisite for any meaningful development, I am urging the Government and Security agencies to do the needful and quickly restore normalcy to the destroyed villages.

Why the government further needs to come in and genuinely tackle the situation in the area is hinged on the fact that the productive capacity of our economy is already now handicapped through the inability of these people to farm the rich and fertile land in their communities because of the prevailing insecurity. Particularly worrisome is the fact that in the villages of Ninte, Ungwan Anjo, Gada Biyu Akwa and Antang that have been affected, the villagers can’t even venture to their farms to harvest. This would further exacerbate the fear of food crisis within the area and by extension the state.

While we condole with those that have lost loved ones and pray for speedy recovery for those injured, I call on the State Government to comprehensively and decisively deal with these armed men whose hideouts around Godogodo could be known with a little effort from the security men.

I am calling on all especially the youths of Jama’a and Sanga to applied restraint and shun acts that include revenge killings or taking the law into their hands and cooperate with the security personnel who I am urging to do more in halting the continued killings in the area.

I plead with the security agencies to increase their intelligence gathering mechanism as a proactive measure and deploy the use of drones and helicopters for aerial surveillance in those places prone to attacks.

I plead to all the people of the area including our royal fathers, religious leaders and influencers of opinion to preach peace and do all within their power in upholding peaceful and harmonious coexistence amongst the different people living in Jama’a and Sanga Local Government.

Thank You.
Hon. Shehu Garba Sarkin-noma
Representing Jama’a /Sanga Federal Constituency

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