For centuries our forefathers and we the current generation have lived a symbiotic life with Fulani herdsmen who have depended on their host communities for the provision of basic needs such as grains, shelter and indeed, husks from the harvest which have provided fodder for their animals.

The sudden turn of events where herdsmen have abandoned this long mutually-beneficial relationship, by taking up arms against their host communities is giving us a serious cause for concern. The people have been displaced from their homes, their farms destroyed and occupied by armed herdsmen.

The Southern Kaduna Elders Consultative Forum notes with sadness the destruction of lives and properties last night at Pasakori, a community in Jema’a Local Government Area. Coming less than two weeks after the destruction of property and massacre of over 40 lives in Godogodo, has made it mandatory for us to cry out aloud to the Kaduna State and the Federal Governments to take decisive action to bring this genocide to an end.

The Elders Forum commends previous actions taken by our Representatives in the National and State Houses of Assemblies and the leadership of SOKAPU in drawing the attention of the authorities and Nigerians in general to these coordinated attacks on the peace-loving people of Southern Kaduna.

While we acknowledge the previous efforts of the security agencies in containing these persistent attacks, we however, appeal to them to be more proactive, more professional and more committed in the discharge of their duties, to accomplish the mission. A situation where none of the attackers has ever been arrested has created suspicion in the minds of the people.

It is in the interest of peace that we call on the Kaduna State and Federal Governments to urgently intervene to put an end to the ongoing genocide and direct all security agencies to be more proactive and be seen to be committed without bias, in order to restore confidence in the minds of the victims.

We also call on the State and Federal Governments to come to the aid of the displaced people through the provision of relief materials, restoration of peace and the rehabilitation of their homes.

We are calling on the International Community, Civil Society Organizations, Human RightsOrganizations, the Red Cross and other relevant Agencies to take note of the ongoing systematic genocide which started in Attakar and Bondong in Kaura Local Government Area in 2013; Karshi and several communities in Sanga Local Government in 2014; and now Godogodo, Pasakori and several other surrounding communities’ in Jema’a Local Government.

In conclusion, we advise the youths to remain calm and refrain from taking the law into their hands. In the same vein, we appeal to Government to do the needful to restore permanent peace and stability in the communities.

Long live Kaduna State
Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Gen Zamani Lekwot, rtd, mni


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