Plateau State Association (PSA) United Kingdom
Press Release on the Ongoing Genocide in Barkin Ladi, Plateau State

Plateau State Indigenes residing in the United Kingdom have once again woken up to the devastating news report that communities on the Plateau have been ransacked by the blood thirsty Herdsmen Militia.

Reports have indicated that this latest round of attacks at Barkin Ladi have left hundreds of innocent rural folk dead while thousands more have been displaced.

The social media has been flooded with pictures of numerous infants and toddlers that have been shot, while others have had their heads sliced open in barbaric acts that would have left even the most heartless terrorist with tears in their eyes.

Those that perpetuated these gruesome acts on these innocent children are not worthy to be considered members of the civilised human race.

It is quite unfortunate that the actions of these bloodthirsty villains have perennially remained unabated and the culprits have generally not been apprehended and brought to face the law of the land.

PSA UK outrightly and categorically condemns these barbaric atrocities meted out on the innocent, hospitable and peace loving people of Plateau State, Nigeria.

The Association calls on all Nigerian security outfits to as a matter of urgency bring the perpetrators of these heinous crimes to justice.

The Association rejects the frequently reported excuse from the Nigerian security operatives that the Herdsmen Militia come with superior fire power, hence they are powerless to tackle them. If the fully armed military operatives are helpless, then what hope do the unarmed rural folk have against these heartless, bloodthirsty aggressors?

For a nation that prides itself as having one of the best military outfits on the African continent, it beggars believe that a group of rag tag “mercenaries” can overpower them.

If the Nigerian military can not tackle these nomadic and cross border terrorists that unleash mayhem on the Plateau, then the Nigerian Government should not be too proud to request assistance from either the African Union or the United Nation’s forces to help protect the indigenous people of Plateau from ethnic cleansing.

The Association acknowledges that a curfew has been declared in some parts of Plateau in order to curtail the violence. Nonetheless we insist that the security operatives should be on standby to protect the Plateau rural folk who are frequently assaulted by the Militia during the late night and early morning hours of the curfew.

We demand a new approach to curtailing this bloodshed as the previously adopted methods have apparently not produced any significantly different results. Any action short of this would unfortunately result in the utter annihilation of the people of Plateau.

We hope that this is the last time we see such heart-wrenching pictures of slain Plateau innocents. We might be far away from Plateau, but almost all of our members have lost a relative or close friend to these bloody attacks.

PSA UK extends our deepest condolences to the families of all those that have lost their loved ones in this reincarnation of the recurring deadly violence.

We mourn with all individuals that have been injured and wish them speedy recovery from their injuries. We also sympathise with those that have lost their properties and valuables due to the actions of the vandals.

We look forward to a peaceful Plateau State where neighbours live in harmonious relationships with each other and justice is meted out to any group of individuals that want to disrupt the peace of the state.


Dr. George Longjan, General Secretary PSA UK, on behalf of Plateau State Association United Kingdom

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