In astatement released by the Special Adviser to the President Buhari on Media and Publicity, Mr. Femi Adesina on 10 November 2016; President Buhari was said to congratulate Trump and expects cooperation on many shared foreign policy priorities, such as the fight against terrorism, peace and security, economic growth, democracy and good governance. What fight against terrorism are these people talking about when bokoharam are waxing stronger because the Nigerian government recognises their authority by negotiating with them, releasing their prisoners, recruiting their members into the armed forces, providing logistics to them, celebrating their members who had put Christian minors in the family way in the name of marriage even in Aso Rock and generally making them feel very much at home to the detriment of federal forces who are being decimated mercilessly with 83 recently missing and the most recent onslaught on Late Lieutenant Colonel Muhammed Abu Ali and his men. Again what fight against terrorism when he and Governor El-Rufai allow their murderous and rampaging fulani terrorists to keep massacring Christians in the middlebelt. Just three days ago, the President’s herdsmen murdered a couple in their farm in Nindem Jama’a Local Goverment of Kaduna state. Ironically, the Buhari police finds it expedient to arrest only natives. As I speak some respected district heads are in police detention in Kaduna while the Fulani rampaging murderers walk freely and keep killing natives. We have situations where senior members of the Buhari Police will brag to natives that the fulanis have what it takes to destroy natives and still be serving in the force. We have seen where terrorist fulanis take responsibilities for these massacres individually and through multiple press releases of late and are still allowed to walk freely, while native boys who try to defend themselves against government irresponsibility of not providing security would be arrested by members of the security agencies. So what fight against terrorism is this terrorist government talking about?

By George Makeri

What economic growth when we are sliding down the hole faster than a space shuttle based on abrahamic mindset of Mr. President on how to handle our economy.

What democracy and good governance when you locked up FFK for holding different opinions and political philosophy. What do you know about democracy and good governance when one of your governors locked up Doctor John Danfulani for another thirteen days to add to an earlier six days in February for simply deciding to be different and pontificating on the flaws of government. Is locking people up without trial what you call good governance?

The most annoying part of the presidential statement is this: “The election was keenly observed by all true lovers of democracy and those who believe in the will of the people.” True lovers of democracy and people who believe in the will of the people yet you suppressed the will of the Edo people by planting your own will in Edo gubernatorial election. You believe in the will of the people yet planted Jimoh Ibrahim against Jegede, the people’s choice in Ondo. You are a lover of democracy yet denied three senatorial districts in Rivers their senators by intentionally refusing to conduct Re-run elections. Indeed true lovers of democracy and your henchman El-Rufai has denied the grassroot democracy in Kaduna state while he keeps encouraging the massacres of non-hausa/fulani population in the state. We will drag El-Rufai to the Hague for crimes against humanity. He must answer to what part he played in the massacre of citizens of Kaduna state. Talking about being lovers of democracy and believing in the will of the people with all these anti-democratic cum anti-humanity indices is most absurd. Yet you will go to Germany and collect humanitarian aid when you have no humanity. El-Rufai will collect monies from European Union for conflict resolution only to return home and keep encouraging conflicts while holding hypocritical peace and security meetings that will only further exacerbate an already ugly situation. Indeed the former British prime minister was right – Buhari is fantastically corrupt as only a fantastically corrupt president will preside over a fantastically corrupt country.

By swansy

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