After extensive deliberations at the plenary of the Youth Summit attended by delegates from the 14 states that make up the Middle Belt, the following resolutions were reached:

  • Restructuring and True Federalism

Conference resolved that the present political architecture of Nigeria has expired and is not working for us. We therefore call for the immediate restructuring of Nigeria if indeed we want to continue as a united,indivisible, just,equitable and prosperous nation.

  • 2014 CONFAB Recommendations

Conference strongly cautions the present administration against consigning the 2014 National Conference Recommendations to the archives and urges the Federal Government to adopt and implement them in no distant time as this will no doubt ease some of the current challenges the nation is currently grappling with.

  • The incessant cases of kidnappings,killings and wanton destruction of property with reckless abandon and total disregard for human dignity within the Middle Belt region must be brought to a definite halt by the Federal Government.This is important so that the lukewarm position of the Federal Government to the needless loss of loved ones will not push our youths to resort to self help.
  • Conference unanimously agreed upon and called for state and community policing in the country in order to guarantee the safety of lives and property for all.
  • We demand the immediate reshuffling of the current Security Chiefs for optimal performance and for the benefit of public trust by Nigerians in line with Federal Character principles.
  • Resource Control

States should be given Statutory rights over the various mineral resources found in their respective domains.

  • Agricultural Resources in the Middle Belt

Middle Belt States should be given adequate priority attention given the comparative advantages herein so as to serve as means for job and wealth creation for our teeming unemployed youths.This should be done in accordance with global best practices.

  • Middle Belt Youths all over the world are demanding the Presidency of this country come 2019. We are determined to ensuring that a Middle Belter wins the Presidential Election in 2019. We are fed up with being oppressed and used as a pedestal to power by the Far North only to serve their selfish interests not that which is in consonance with the aspirations and true wishes of the Middle Belt.

We condole our people over the loss of loved ones killed by Fulani terrorists in a brazen quest to take over our ancestral lands. We call on our people to be law abiding but vigilant and to defend themselves from the onslaught of the killers.

More so, Conference has rejected in totality any attempt either by the Federal Government or State Government to establish cattle colony on our ancestral lands. This will be resisted by our people. Let the government and the Fulanis rather compensate our people for the unwanton destruction caused by the Fulanis in our communities. The land is not even enough for our people to expand their settlements and also farm. If Nigeria needs food security, then farming should be encouraged but not grazing for beef because no one lives on beef but food.


God bless the good people of the Middle Belt!




Emma Zopmal – President

Polmi Ibrahim – National Secretary

Nasiru Jagaban – National Publicity Secretary

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