(My government is progressing without logic)

Few years ago the incumbent where reactionary forces to the same government that made them simply because they couldn’t stand the vagaries not in their favor. They were so comfortable laying in a cesspit of accusations and questions raised with respect to the sincerity and transparency in their executions while in office on the national rostrum, yet they manage to convince us of being absolutely astute and now I ask WHAT WENT WRONG MR GOVERNOR?
When conflicts are not resolved gesture like the donation of 100 million naira to rebuild mosques and churches destroyed as a result of rage by men of opposite religions becomes impuissant. Strategies like these have long become obsolete so I wonder whose idea it is to make the prideful first class governor to commit such a fatal mistake when the genocide in the region has prevailed in perpetuity. The people of southern Kaduna have over the years become more conscious than ever to know what systematic plan of action is used over the old fashioned romantic subjugation to get us surrender our righteous minds for some mere 30 pieces of silver. So therefore, it becomes paramount to understand that extreme hardship, penury inflicted by inflation, inadequate basic amenities and above all incessant attacks on our heritage and it watchmen by men of the underworld believed to be herders (Islamic Jihadist) have kept our hearts bleeding and yearning for justice. And for this I duff my hat to the courage and strength of character exhibited so far by the peace loving people of Southern Kaduna in hard time like this not to react by violence or civic disobedience in order not to awaken the dreaded hades spirits of the Tutsi and Hutu genocide in Rwanda 1994…….and as such the government needs to intervene with extreme measures to stop the herders and not donating money to rebuild worship places.

A broken bone needs to heal before one can start physiotherapy so why making efforts to resettle perceived enemies in the face or rage and no forgiveness? I dare to vehemently and equivocally assert that this is the most inept decision I have seen a government take in the fourth republic and it kills me bad to say that it’s coming from the self-acclaimed end time messiah.
Governor El-Rufai and his team MUST rise to the challenge and win back the trust of the conscious people of Southern Kaduna by putting all hands on deck, mobilize the right facilities, manpower and logic to stop the GENOCIDE and give our people government not the call to hold security council meetings and directing senseless investigation that till date no culprit have been apprehended. Against that backdrop this is the way forward
Replicate the same gesture like the great achievement recorded in the Northern part of the state in Southern Kaduna too like the Zaria water project which is to cost the government over 60 billion naira on completion as explained by Alhaji Suleiman Aliyu-Lere (Commissioner for water resources) in the leadership newspaper of March 12, 2016 after a solemn declaration by the governor on PM news of June 14th, 2015 to break the jinx stalling this landmark project from completion. Isn’t that great?
Construct better roads (not the cheeky 5-10 kilometer road project yet to be executed in the Southern jurisdiction of the state) to match the 31 billion naira road expansion and construction, housing and transportation project which targets to link Kaduna metropolis to the ring road through Rigasa and Kawo bridge will be expanded to tally with the on-going road expansion within the area as reported on Daily Trust of December 8th, 2015.

Replicate in the southern region the 535 kilometer shelterbelt made of cashew, shea butter, palm other economic trees and Jathropha along the borders with Katsina, Zamfara and Kano which will CREATE JOBS, beautify the neighborhood and check desert encroachment as without any doubt this project will develop the fortunes of the north and will have sustainable impact on the local GDP of the North.

Apply the same master stroke wisdom in subduing herders attack on our people as you did in fighting cattle rustlers in Kamuke Forest few months after assuming office.

After all these are done I believe the governor and his team including our TRAITOR BROTHERS whom have been overwhelmed by the spirit of Iscariot will have every moral justification and a clear conscience void of bias and hidden agenda to discuss peace and mount bills of public apology and KADUNA WILL BE GREAT AGAIN! Not the deceptive Orchestration of November 12th, 2016 that saw 40 people men, women and children murdered in cold blooded and had their brains sucked out by hades dragons protected by the GOVERNMENT just a day after.


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