Who is this Phenomenon, Daniel OBIOKOLIE?

‎As  the political awareness is boisterously and gradually hitting the wave in Delta State, Deltans, especially those within the constituency of Aniocha South, are urging and hungry to know those who could possibly liberate her from the stew of backwardness and lunch her into a new lease of life via democratic dividends.
One of such special breed and intellectual phenomenon whose image has become a household name is  Daniel OBIOKOLIE.
Several questions begets several answers, hence it will be out of place if this quintessential gentleman from the Egbudu-Akah community is not properly made known to his people so as to get familiar with sound intentions of this quiet and humble  knowledgeable man with vast understanding of the people’s needs.
Barrister Daniel OBIOKOLIE is a well educated philanthropist and a passionate concerned young gentleman who in several spheres and facets,  has paid his dues by alleviating the plight of several persons in Aniocha South and Delta State in general.  His humanitarian strides among the downtrodden has distinctively distinguished him from several others
He is a renowned Legal luminary with Master of Law (LLM), in International Law from the  famous prestigious Australian National University.
He had his Graduate Diploma in Legal practice (GDLP) from Australian National University, 2012
Bachelor of Laws (LLB), Charles Darwin University, 2012‎
Before his sojourn abroad, Barrister Daniel OBIOKOLIE, had his HND from Yaba‎  College of Technology, Lagos Nigeria  where he studied Estate Management in 2012, of which till date, he is a member, institution of Estate surveyors and Valuers, here in Nigeria and beyond.
He also bagged his National Diploma  from Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa State  Nigeria, in 1990
                                                                                                                                                                                      He attended  Egbudu Mixed Secondary School Egbudu-Akah in 1986.‎
 He is a member of the  Supreme Court of New South Wales, and a solicitor, with the law society of New South Wales.
Due to his humanitarian strides and consideration which he found so encompassing as a major means to ameliorate  the plight of the less privileged and foreigners, he delved into assisting people with migration issues and this gave him a leaf as a registered Migration Agent with the office of the Migration Agents registration Authority in Australia.
He is also a member, refugee council of Australia
Daniel OBIOKOLIE, is a lover of culture and traditional heritage, his love for his people in far away Australia led him into  founding the Anioma Association in Australia (A.A.A) of which he is the founding president and it’s coordinator till date
He is the founder and president of Daniels Grassroots development initiative, a foundation that has helped thousands of the needy and being funded all by himself. His love  for mankind is unequaled, his doctrine about life is built around assisting and helping others to achieve that which will grant them freedom from wants and needs.  ‎
With this intimidating pedigree and resume, one will need no soothsayer to agree to the simple fact that, for once, and through  the wishes of the people, Aniocha South has arrived at a positive juncture in projecting for that which she’s been lacking in ages past by the time this rare gem assume that which is required of him to represent Aniocha South constituency.
Prince Chux Davix Onyemaka,
Aniocha South for Daniel OBIOKOLIE

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