(Inspired by the channels TV session of 13-12-2016 with Bala Bantex)

By Andrew A. Umaru

In a society that is a cesspool of oppressors, murderers, intimidators, putrid, under-handers, prevaricators and traitors silence becomes a moral crime and disservice to the voiceless and the people you represent then civil obedience becomes the greatest enemy of reality and patriotism. Against the backdrop of channels TV session of December 13th, 2016 at about 7:15 am with Barrister Mark Jacob (Former Attorney General of Kaduna State) and Bala Bantex (The Deputy Governor of Kaduna State) I can confidently say I have found a mentor in the former. Mark Jacob is fearless even in the face of tyranny and inordinate intimidation in a dispensation where all had been taken away from the people including their constitutional rights. He (Mark Jacob) shares the view as I do that equity is not to be compromise and justice is not to be negotiated.
Bala Bantex on the other hand fumbled and submitted to scheol in a hadean way….and in his words “the so called killings in Southern Kaduna” has put him up on the same platform with the enemies of the people. Bala Bantex has wedded with evil and had shielded the truth against the predicament of his people for a Lilliputian prize less than that which Judas Iscariot received for betraying Jesus Christ. Mr. Deputy Governor the killings in Southern Kaduna are real and not mere perception or fables.
According to your speech Bala Bantex; Southern Kaduna leaders (stakeholders at local government level and the traditional heads) in your words ‘’don’t cooperate with the government”. I subscribe to that assertion but not without a logical reason to the cause. First you cannot push to them the sole responsibility of providing security to the people as all they can do is cooperate with the constituted structures provided first by the government in achieving sound security but the responsibility of providing security lies PRINCIPALLY with the government. Secondly; the stakeholders in question cannot cooperate with a draconian government that value with unimaginable sanctity the lives of cattle better than the lives of humans which they proved when they fought cattle rustlers in kamuke forest and reaffirm their commitment to continue to do so through the misbegotten inspector general of police Mr. Ibrahim Idris as published by channels on the 13th of December, 2016 while your government have continue to act scripts on the incessant genocide in southern Kaduna knowing so well that the perpetrators of such Mephistophelian act still occupy settlement of our displaced brothers.
Bala Bantex I DARE to ask; how do you cooperate with such government? The press inconsistency and opinion conflict between you and your governor has lighted attaint upon your so much celebrated status when you claimed not to be aware of the monetary compensation given to the herders by your governor and in my opinion you lied. Personally I was appalled at the fact that you accede to the lies (REPRISAL THEORY) told to the world by Nasir El-rufai that the predicament of the Southern Kaduna People is inspired by the 2011 postelection crisis. I will therefore conclude that the spell of infernal region had adorn you and that the innocent people of Southern Kaduna have lost faith in you and your leadership and have turn to God in prayers and we will not hesitate to employ any lawful means in defending ourselves from the enemies and the traitors amongst us …..Remember leadership is just a periodical billet and will sure come to an end.


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