By Habila Isah Kayit,BAYODA President

It gives me much pleasure to welcome you all. It is indeed an epic gathering with respected people carrying the mandate of their political organisations. This is a demonstration of God’s plan for you all. I congratulate you once again.
We have called you all to share in your victory and to exchange ideas. This is necessary because God has elevated you to a position where you are carry public trust and we did not see it coming as a surprise. You all have commanded a lot of respect to yourself, communities and political circle hence the reason for flying the flag of your political parties at this crucial time.

You will all agree with me that your elections is the most closest to the grass root and your intended positions are the most critical in every democratic setting. It is very easier for the communities to get very emotional and be manipulated for whatever reason because they know you and they can do everything to stand by you at all cost. This is normal but the burden of the bulk of the work is on you the aspirants to either direct your supporters aright or mislead them into violence.

Peace can never be substituted with anything on this planet earth and at all times, having a peaceful atmosphere comes with a price. May I also posit that at every point of our lives, God has destined us for a particular assignment and when it is time, no one can stop it. Suffice to say that no matter how much you struggle to put some things in order it will be a mirage if it’s not in God’s design.

Therefore, elections are not a do or die affairs for those who understand God’s plan and design for their lives. We have had great leaders who lost elections at one point or the other but when it was time for them to be elevated they rose to better positions. Abraham Lincoln is a typical example and I am sure we are all conversant with his political sojourn.

Now that the stage is ready for the local government elections, you have a pivotal role to play in instituting a new rule of engagement by controlling the excesses of your supporters. We will not be happy to hear of any crises in our communities as a result of your elections. Just like the former President Goodluck Jonathan will say “My ambition is not worth the life of any Nigerian” Let this be your guiding principle. Let there be understanding amongst you the contenders. The way you relate with one another will determine how your supporters will react at the polls.

We will not tolerate any act that will hamper on our peace. Therefore, we plead with you all to create the very basis for your supporters to key in. Just like in every contest, there must be a winner at every particular time. We covet you to employ the spirit of sportsmanship and accept whatever verdict that comes from the people.

Thank you and do enjoy violence free electoral engagements.

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