PDP YOUTH GROUP: Suspension of the seven members, a step in the right direction




Our organisation received the news of the suspension of some members of our party, the Peoples Democratic Party in Kaduna State with some sense of applause and commendation.

2. We wish to categorically state that, the action taken on the 16th May, 2020 by the Working Committee of the State Caretaker Committee (CTC), after preliminary hearings is a step in the right direction and in full compliance with the provision of the PDP Constitution Section 57 (3) which stipulates that “The Working Committee at any level of the party, and the Executive Committee (at the Ward Level) may, after preliminary hearings, suspend a member from the party for a period not exceeding one month, during which period the member so suspended shall lose his right to contest any election, and shall be referred to the appropriate Disciplinary Committee.

3. As a responsible political party, which believes in the rule of law, the PDP must not fold its arms and watch some members who are alleged to have flagrantly breach some Sections of the Party’s Constitution be allowed to go Scot-free.

4. Offences and Sanctions are expressly provided for in Sections 58 (1) and 59 of the Constitution of the Party.

5. We are totally in support of any punitive measure meted against any member or group who engages in any conduct likely to cause disaffection among members of the Party or is likely to disrupt the peaceful, lawful and efficient conduct of the business of the Party.

6. This is premise on the need to instil discipline, respect for constituted authority, obedience to the provisions of the Party’s Constitution, as well as, deterrence to members who might be nursing the intention of violating the letters and spirit of the laws of the Party.

7. Therefore, we urge the Party to diligently investigate all the allegations levelled against them, with a view to applying appropriate sanctions on anyone found guilty, no matter how highly placed he is.

8. As human beings from diverse backgrounds who have agreed to come together for the pursuit of the political interest of the generality of our people, we are bound to have disputes. However, our ability to resolve such disputes amicably within the confines of the Party’s Constitution, without engaging in actions that are likely to bring the Party into disrepute, hatred or contempt is what should distinguish us from other political parties.

9. Discipline is key to the survival of any political party.

10. Lastly, we unequivocally reiterate the need for all loyal and well-meaning members of the Party to continue to accord the necessary support and respect for the Constitution, leadership of the Party, alongside other leaders who are known to have been toiling hard and are making enormous sacrifices to protect the collective interest of the members of the Party, which ensures it survival over the years, against all odds.

Comrade Danjuma Bello Sarki

Hon. Bello Jallo

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