Mrs Murna Suzie Amboson is a retired civil servant who has worked in the public section over 30 years with good track records in Nigeria, and because of the love and passion she has for women and the less privilege, in her community and Sanga local government at large, she initiated her NGO were she provides free health Care to ailing people, share food stuffs and medical outreaches in her community.

Mrs M.S Amboson have empowered so many women in various trades such as Soap making, Bread making, Pastry making and Baking etc.

Mrs M.S Amboson decided to go into active politics after her retirement from service, she then joined the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). She has contributed tremendously for the betterment and progress of the party.

Mrs M.S Amboson initiated a movement called “Sanga Grassroots Support Group” in 2018 were she coordinated and mobilized the grassroots people during campaign. And she also served in the following PDP committees :-

* Member of PDP Finance Committee for Sanga LGA rerun election.

* Member PDP Contact and Mobilization Committee for 2019 Elections.

* Member PDP Committee on Review for 2019 Elections.

2019 Alh Atiku Abubakar Presidential Campaign Committee member.

Mrs M.S Amboson also served in the following groups:-

*President Ninzo Women Development Cooperative.
*President of Badashi Women Cooperative.
*President Tapisu Cooperative Society.
*President Soyaya Cooperative Society.
*President Kauna Cooperative Society.
*President Maitakama Cooperative Society.
*President Zabe Cooperative Society.
*President Maitozo Cooperative Society.
*President Amungbonche Cooperative Society.
*President Uchuyanche Cooperative Society.

Mrs Murna Suzie Amboson is currently contesting for the post of a WOMEN LEADER in the forth coming PDP Kaduna State.

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One thought on “PDP State Congress: Mrs Murna Suzie Amboson for Women leader”
  1. Who the cap fits,let her wear it.Vote Mrs Muruna Amubuosun Kaduna State PDP Women leader saturday19th September,2020.

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