PDP Chieftain and former member of the Senate Ahmed Makarfi-led Caretaker Committee, Barr. Kabir Usman, Friday, warned against such moves to sell off the nation’s valuable national assets. Barr. Kabir however stressed the urgent need for President Buhari to quickly redirect and re-engineer his government by dissolving and re-constituting a new cabinet.

The call came as a result of the federal government decision to sell the valuable national assets such as NNPC, NPA and NLNG. Barr Usman said that selling these assets will result to sending the Nation back to colonial Master’s era. He blamed the economic downturn on the lackluster decision of the present administration.

According to the former caretaker committee member, the already approved sale of national assets is an admittance of failure on the part of the administration of Muhammadu Buhari and against the social contract the APC entered with Nigerians during its campaign ahead of the 2015 general elections which sold a along with their change mantra. Usman said it is anti-people for government to dispose national assets.

The statement read: “We have forgotten so soon‎ the role of the Bureau for Public Enterprise (BPE), which supervised the sales of our national assets by re-cycling the well to do in society and empowering a selected few against ordinary citizens of Nigeria thereby promoting inequality.”

He further said that the economic team are just a shadow and short of expectations. He urged President Buhari to dissolve the current cabinet and bring on board robust technocrats and renowned economic experts who will redirect the Nigerian economy.

Barr. Usman accused ministers and APC state governors of endorsing and ratifying the sales of national assets at a recent NEC meeting saying that no matter the definition of the term used, national assets remain Nigeria’s Commonwealth which belong to ordinary Nigerians.

He said “How can an economic team be formed without inputs and representation of organized private sector? Most successful world economies are private sector driven in line with goals of government which aim to rejuvenate and stabilize the economy.”

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