The paramount Ruler of Akurmi (Kurama) nation, Dr. Ishaku Sabo Damina BP, B’gwam Kurmi was arrested by the El-rufai led administration on March 27th, 2017.  He is charged  to court on 3 counts charges; criminal conspiracy, assault and abduction of a Fulani man who was alleged to be a cattle rustler but the Judge in charge of the case gave excuses in 2 occasion for not able to sit for the case and as a result the B’gwam Akurmi is still in prison. The alleged criminal has being terrorizing herdsmen in Kano and Kaduna. The B’gwam Kurmi in his wisdom and as a duty to ensure that the Akurmi nation is safe from criminals, ordered the arrest of the cattle rustler and thereby handed him over to the Soldiers as it’s expected of a person in his status.

He is persecuted for performing his duty as a ruler to his people by the government who feels that some set of people are untouchable and are above the law. If not this, how will you describe this wickedness and show of power by the El-rufai led administration for sending this man to prison? How would you explain the impunity going on in Kaduna State, where the paramount ruler of Akurmi nation is thrown to prison without investigating the security whom the alleged criminal was handed over to?

According to the press release by the Akurmi nation of March 26th, 2017 said “The Akurmi Nation are predominantly found in Lere Local Government with a large number of us settling in part of Kauru, Kubau, Kano, Bauchi, Plateau. We are known for our rich culture, traditions and history; as an agrarian society, we also contribute enormously to the economic growth of Nigeria. The Akurmi man is known for his accommodation and tolerance for both our neighbors and strangers. In fact, it is because of our hospitality that Saminaka accommodates peoples of diverse identity coming from all over the country”.

Essentially, there exists the need for government and traditional institutions to complement each other in ensuring peace and security in any given area. Throughout epochs of African history, the traditional institution has remained sacred on account of her ability to curb menace and crime especially at the grassroots. However, social media these days is replete with reports, articles and press statement on the arrest and detention of the Paramount Ruler of the Akurmi nation, HRH Dr. Ishaku Sabo Damina for about nine days now without trial. “…today marks the eight day the chief of Akurmi (kurama) nation Dr. Ishaku Sabo Damina JP, B’gwam Kurmi has been behind bars without the opportunity to prove his innocence and gain his freedom from persecution…putting such a respected and peaceful man through unwarranted humiliation is the lowest a nation that professes democracy can go…he is being persecuted for daring to protect his people and domain…why is no one talking about the crime the kidnapper has perpetrated with impunity over the years before his luck ran out? In real democracies, our chief should be given a medal of recognition for assisting security agencies in apprehending and handing over a wanted criminal in Kaduna and Kano ..” Also, the Press release made available by the Akurmi nation described the allegations leveled against the chief as mischievous.
From the foregoing, one can deduce that the revered B’gwam Akurmi is yet to be charged to court for discharging the duty of securing his ancestral land and kinsmen. Where is the sacredness of this ‘once next to God’ institution? History will remain incomplete if what this traditional leader is passing through is not aired. Akurmi nation is orphaned by this development. What signal is this act sending to his colleagues whose essential duty is to collaborate with the government institutions in ensuring peace and reporting perceived aggressors in their domains to the security? It is worthy of note that no one is above the law but this man in his status should have been charged to court for prosecution. How has keeping him in the prison solved the problem?
The wisdom and calmness with which his kinsmen are taking this act is a great revelation of their love for peace which is commendable and recommended to sane minds. How can a man be subjected to such humiliation without the judge handling the case availing himself to hear the case? as a result the B’gwam Akurmi is remained in prison till date. Has his reign as a traditional leader led to the common good or not? Is he in detention alone or the kidnapper is cooling off with him? Can the human body survive without blood? Can a fish survive without water? Can a bird fly with one wing? What water is to the fish, what blood is to the human body and what the wings are to a bird is what the traditional leaders are to the government. They ought to collaborate to ensure peace, justice, security and above all fairness in all ramifications, thus constant communication on security forms the oasis of their vocation. To demonstrate how sacred the traditional institution is, some traditional leaders because of their culture do not go to the offices of the politicians they rather invite them. They are referred to by their subjects as next to the gods because only men of great and proven integrity are selected by the people and coronated by the government.

The people here mean only the king-makers, their diadem symbolizes wisdom and grace. They rarely go out, they avoid public places…and their sacredness depend on these points. The sacredness of this institution is embedded in their closeness to their people whom they superintend over and guide.

It is fitting therefore that the sacredness of this institution bequeathed to us by our ancestors should be respected. It is also axiomatic that charging the chief to court and or hearing his part of the story would help in either prosecuting or freeing him as the judiciary remains the last hope of the common man but yet, conscience ought to be the supreme court of God.
May God intervene and be with the chief, amen

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