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I was discussing, via the phone, with a respectable and passionately pragmatic southern Kaduna son who has done a lot for southern Kaduna, albeit quietly. He told me how he pitied Lai Mohammed, Garba Shehu, Samaila Aruwan, etc. He said he wouldn’t do their job for all the monies in the world, because it’s a very difficult job defending falsehood. He wondered what the children of Lai Mohammed feel whenever their father is up to his lies and whether Lai Mohammed himself feel any qualms about it. Listening to him speak, I understood completely his impeccable sense of decency and sanity. It was his decency and sanity that is responsible for his revulsion and wonderment about qualms with an unscrupulous Lai. I understood too how difficult it is for sane souls to rationalize the total absence of scruples typical of insane and lost souls like Lai Mohammed.

At this point, I interrupted him saying my pity is especially for the vice president Osibanjo and the deputy governor in my state Bantex. I feel a greater pity for Osibanjo given that he is a pastor. I still can not rationalise how they are still obsessed with power even in the face of total destruction of theirs. Those who have suffered the travails of obsession in whatever guise, be it relationship, material or whatever, will agree with me that obsession is not only costly, but fatally dangerous as well.

As a chess master, I know it whenever we say chess is life. The trucks in the picture are allegedly concealed with guns and ammunition intercepted at Ijoun road coming through Ilara boarder in ogun state. Why Ogun state at this material time? From Dino Meleye to Shehu Sani and now former president Olusegun Obasanjo seems set to become a fall guy for kicking the wrong ass (Buhari’s). I love former president Olusegun Obasanjo because he understands the game too and knows when to kiss or kick access. Any good chess player or thinker knows Buhari’s ass is perfect for kicking at this material time given all his blunders. The best chess players are those who know what to keep and what to throw away. They are those who love all their pieces, but never so attached to any that they can not let go when it becomes absolutely necessary. In one of my games with a player from the United States lately, I almost lost, but for the player’s tenacious attachment to his queen and a premature judgement that he had me completely cornered. He must have been shocked to his marrow when I sprang a surprising lethal punch that broke his jaw with a queen sacrifice. It is no doubt that greed and obsession with anything whatsoever, are the fundamental causes of defeat in both chess and life, thus the statement Chess is Life.

Why is Vice president Osibanjo so greedy and so attached to his office as vice president that he forgets his place as the hope of any murdered Christian in this country? Osibanjo has reduced Christianity to mockery in Nigeria. With his compromises and willing tool disposition, no one among those terrorists in government will hold any christian to any worth. I can say this with empathy because we have a deputy governor in my state who is also a mirror of Osibanjo’s foolery. I say foolery because only a fool says in his heart that there is no God. If Osibanjo and Bantex believe there is truly a God in heaven, they wouldn’t have reduced themselves to despicable tools in the hands of these terrorists in power. In fact, they will resign their place. It is written, anyone who loses his life for my sake, will gain it in abundance… If Osibanjo and Bantex believe in one supreme God, they won’t hold tenaciously unto their office because they are enjoying the sound of ‘Your Excellency Sir’. Is that sound worth the lives of Christians being sacrificed with the overt support of the government they serve? As long as these duo refuse to resign, all the demonstrations, protests, press releases and agitations of Christians against this terrorists in government will continue to go in vain. Imagine Bantex resigning and leading a protest against the killings in southern Kaduna and imagine the impact such protest will have. Imagine Osibanjo resigning and leading a protest against the killings of Christians in Nigeria and imagine the global sensation such protest will have. The international community will thence take Christians seriously in Nigeria. Until then, we may as well keep lamenting.

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