Audu Jangba, Jr (NGA).
Lawmakers sir,i will like to appreciate those among you that are putting in more effort to ending the kidnapping,raping,burning down of houses,stealing and killings in Southern Kaduna.
However,the battle is not over yet,because the marauders have not relent in killing despite the 24 hours dusk till dawn curfew imposed by the State Government of Kaduna.
Lawmakers sir,Southern Kaduna i know are peacemakers,such that they are willing to give the hand of their daughters in marriage to any responsible person that migrate to Southern Kaduna not minding their religious differences.
Lawmakers sir,the 24 hours curfew imposed in Southern Kaduna is not the way out to stopping the killings and destructions,instead it will only make life more difficult for the people in Southern Kaduna even in the present recession.
Lawmakers sir,i will like to remind you that during the past administration in the North-Eastern State such as Maiduguri and Adamawa to mentioned but a few,state of emergency was declared in those States ,but the Lawmakers in the North-East called for the removal of the state of emergency because the bombing then persisted despite the state of emergency and the state of emergency was removed.
Lawmakers sir,i will like to inform you that on the 14th July,2016 where president Muhammadu Buhari have flag off military taskforce in Zamfara State against cattle rustlers and arm banditry titled,” Operation Harbin Conama”,(Kill Scorpion) in Zamfara State as i write,reliable report have it that the Taskforce have raided more than 14 camps in Zamfara State in the forest where these marauders considered as safe heaven after perpetrating evil act against law abiding citizens in Zamfara. And the Joint Taskforce is still in progress.
Lawmakers sir,as the saying goes,”insanity is doing the same thing,the same way and expecting different result”,Lawmakers sir,i will like to advice that you should legitimately move motion to put an end to the 24 hours curfew in Southern Kaduna.
Let Joint Taskforce be enforced in Southern Kaduna that will go into the forest to invade the camp of the marauders like what is happening in Zamfara State.
Lawmakers sir,if i am not mistaken,there is no time in Southern Kaduna that Joint Taskforce have been set to raid the camp of these bloodsucking marauders that derived pleasure in destruction and taking lives of people.
Lawmakers sir,i have no shadow of doubt in my mind that if the curfew is relapse and later removed and Joint Taskforce is being enforced like the case of Zamfara State,the marauders,reprisal attack and counter attack will be a thing of the past.
May God bless and keep Southern Kaduna residence and make peace,love and justice to reign in Kaduna State and Nigeria (concluded).

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