Olayinka a Nigerian Student Produces Drugs for Weight Loss

Olayinka a Nigerian student recommended a brilliant idea, on which the Nigeria scientific structures are currently working. The news of this idea quickly scattered all over the world.

Currently, the drugs has been produced by specialist from Endocrinology Department of the Polyclinic of Lagos including some various private clinics. The drugs are only affordable for Nigerians for the meantime.

Diets, physical activity, pills and liposuction do not solve the problem of weight loss, at least in half of the cases. Olayinka said a sad event that happened in his family made him realized this.

Olayinka discloses this in an interview.

She said, ” I don’t have too much desire to talk about it in public, my motivation is purely private. A few years ago, my mother died of hypertension, she had been overweight for years. She was fine after all and had been trying to lose weight for a while, and a moment later a stroke killed her in her sleep. And that’s it, she was gone. My grandmother also died for the same reason. I started studying after her death to understand the problems connected to excess weight and how to solve them. I was shocked, I realised that diets, physical activity and pills, as well as liposuction, are 50% dangerous for health and do not really solve the problem. My mom had been on diets, and had practised aerobics for 5 years.

During the past three years I have being focusing a lot on this issue. On the new method to cure the weight problems that everyone is talking about now, a method that came out while I was writing my thesis. I saw I’d created something new, I could never have thought of raising so much interest from this number of structures.”

She stated that the French and Americans offered her huge amount of money to buy the formula and sell it at an expensive price, but she declined, knowing that only few people can afford it. Olayinka’s life aim at helping as many who are suffering from overweight.

She said, “As soon as a publication appeared about my method to get rid of the excess weight, I started to receive offers to sell my idea. The first were the French, who offered me 120 thousand euros. The last were the Americans, a pharmaceutical holding company offered me $1 million. Now I had to change my phone number and unsubscribe from social networks, because people and possible buyers just can’t leave me alone.”

“Yes, it will probably sound strange, but I didn’t create it to make rich some stranger. What would happen if I sold the formula abroad? They would patent everything and start selling the preparation at a high price. I might be young but I’m not stupid. This way, the Nigeria simply won’t have a single chance to treat their problems with overweight. A foreign doctor told me that this preparation would cost at least $1000. What are we talking about? Who could buy it in Nigeria for 1000 dollars?

This is why when I received an offer from the government to take part in the production of the official Nigeria Health department preparation I immediately accepted. We have developed a preparation together with the best specialists of the Institute of Endocrinology, of the Polyclinic of Lagos and of various private clinics. That felt amazing. Now the preparation has gone through all the clinical testing and is available to the public.” She said.

Chima, a well known intellectual, was leading the production of the preparation on behalf of the government. He was also interviewed on the new preparation and the plans for it.

He said, “Olayinka’s idea is an impressive discovery, it can be called a guide discovery because it just shows the fastest way to lose weight. And we’re talking about a method that is helpful throughout life.

The preparation was created based on the Olayinka’s idea, it contains super antioxidants that give signals to a specific part of the brain (amygdala) to stop assimilating calories, fatty layers and that take away the desire for “junk food”. It was called Ultra Clean PREMIUM DETOX.” He said.

According to him, “Ultra Clean PREMIUM DETOX is preparation that must be taken for treatments strictly following the directions. It contains 25 extracts, thanks to which the fat-burning process is speed up by 10 times! This preparation speeds up the metabolism and restores the work of the endocrine system, stimulates tissue regeneration and has miraculous effects for the reduction of hunger. It is a totally neutral product: it’s just an active stimulator of the natural processes of the human organism. Since fat burning occurs thanks to a fast metabolic process, the diets will finally be a memory of the past. As a result, subcutaneous fat and problem areas disappear FOREVER at a rate of 500 grams per day! But the main thing is that Ultra Clean PREMIUM DETOX has no side effects!” He said.

Authenticating Olayinka’s statement on the Offer given to him by France and Americans, Chima stated, ” You will be aware that as soon as they understood the effectiveness of the preparation, the pharmacists attacked us on all fronts. As a matter of fact, they had already offered large sums to Olayinka to buy the formula. But not to sell it. Simply to prevent the preparation from being sold. Obesity treatment is one of the most profitable areas of the pharmaceutical business. In the United States alone, preparations for billions of dollars are sold every year. Our preparation can radically change the situation on the market. In fact, no one would spend this money every month if they could treat the problem ONCE AND FOR ALL with a Ultra Clean PREMIUM DETOX cycle and forget about excess weight problems FOREVER.” He stated.

“Pharmaceutical networks are partners of pharmaceutical companies and therefore they do each other favours. Obviously the important thing is to sell. So they don’t even want to hear about our treatment, even though it is the only preparation officially recommended by the Scientific Institutes of Food in Nigeria to treat excess weight.”

Chima also added that Ultra Clean PREMIUM DETOX is not sell in the Pharmacies. And the goodness is that there is an ongoing promo now on the product.

He said “We’ve decided that if the pharmacists get in our way, we can easily do without them. We have organised a direct distribution of Ultra Clean PREMIUM DETOX.
Without having the pharmaceutical companies as an intermediary. We have evaluated different types of possibilities and we have chosen the most effective one. Ultra Clean PREMIUM DETOX is not sold in pharmacies!

“Therefore, all those who wish to receive Ultra Clean PREMIUM DETOX with a discount of up to 50% can participate in the prize draw! Your geographical position is not important, we can ship the product anywhere in Nigeria. We have launched a large scale advertising campaign in all media to draw people’s attention to this product and promised to draw 100 packs of Ultra Clean PREMIUM DETOX on the 27.01.2021”

“Everyone can participate in the competition and win the first prize: a 50% discount! This offer we created for Nigeria aims at drawing people’s attention to this preparation.” He said.

He concluded that “We managed to reach an agreement with the Nigeria governmental bodies to receive funds to cover most of the expenses. Happily, they understand how important it is that this preparation gets known to the population, rather than to just a few lucky ones. In exchange, we have agreed not to export the preparation abroad but to distribute it only in Nigeria.” He stated

Chima, advices Nigerians to begin to solve their problem of overweight.

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