Exactly 17 days ago, obsequious parasites of El-rufai’s media team came up with strategic ploys to drag the leadership of the National Youth Wing of SOKAPU to the mud. The attempts of the mischief makers were as short-sighted as the fallacy that they had intended to sell. The only mistake however, was that it was quite easy to see the constituency fromwhich these crawlers enjoyed sponsorship. While that may have been clearly put on record from the communiqué on that meeting and a press release from the desk of the Public Relations Officer, the further engagements of this syndicate group have necessitated the need for this notice especially to the Southern Kaduna Youth who called us to duty.

The activities of this syndicate group show clearly the intention to bringing the Southern Kaduna Youth to disrepute by making wild allegations, in a bid to break our collective will and spirit as youths of Southern Kaduna. We have found no reason whatsoever to engage thesepeople but for the worries that their acts betray the common ground that at a time as this, the least sane minds could have ever expected,is the case of our enemies emerging from within. It is our desire for these hard working agents to lend equal effort even if less to advance the cause of the Southern Kaduna people who are only being victims of a new system ‘they’ have vowed to protect and without whom they would be of no use to their paymaster.

The crawlers in their deceptive phrase cooked another lie peddling in the social media that the youth wing leadership are in disarray following the failure of Nasiru Jagaba to share money equitably at Ostrich Bakery.

The entire statements from these merchants of falsehood are unfounded. There is no squabble in the leadership of SOKAPU Youth Wing and advise the general public to continue to disregard forthwith any of such messages as these are activities of desperate people who must be seen undertaking the very work they have received payments for and even so at the detriment of the development of Kaduna State. We do not expect them to desist any time soon; we know however that they are incapable of bringing about a loss of direction and focus on the leadership of the National Youth Wing of SOKAPU. We urge our members to be mindful that the activities of this group of people be taken for what it is.

It is very important we know that these Judas’ among us peddling lies on SOKAPU did not mean well to the people of Southern Kaduna. Where was their voice, when our people are being massacred by the government-supported genocide? Where is their voice when the infrastructural development in Kaduna is lopsided? Where is their voice, when 62 people were employed in KadunaState University and only one person was from Southern Kaduna? We have never heard their voice calling on to NEMA or SEMA or other relevant agencies for relief materials to the IDPs. We have never heard their voice when their clueless paymaster slammed 24hrs curfew on three local governments in Southern Kaduna for more than 2 weeks. Even when some wrote on the closure of Kafanchan Campus of Kaduna State University, College of Education and nursing, horrendously the nastiest toad eaters among them   came out without shame to debunk their involvement and disassociate themselves and made the whole thing useless and these are the same paid Characters on disastrous mission to pull down SOKAPU so that their masters will kill us all without a voice while their next diet is guaranteed.  Why are the averse to all the issues we have raised in communiqués over time past till date on needs concerning our development? What hurts in demanding equitable distribution of resources in terms of budgets at both federal and state levels of governments; credible local government elections; just administration of security and other issues we have consistently clamoured for? Where are they on this moment of our dire need for survival in an oppressive State!

Our doors are open, our programmes and activities is all inclusive and we invite all who are passionate about a greater, united and stronger Republic to join hands with us in this efforts. We also wish to appeal to our members who tirelessly through their own efforts and sweat have continued to support this institution to never desist despite assailants of character as these who would have the soul of the movement dead or nothing else.

The Union is strong and will continue to be so.

God bless SOKAPU.

God bless Southern Kaduna.

God bless Kaduna State.




Comrade Bazinbe M. Abel

Secretary General, SOKAPU Youth Wing











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