By Habila Isah Kayit

BAYODA National President

 I bring you greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ Amen. We are delighted to be here to interact with our brothers and sisters and to identify ourselves with you. Since we got elected as BAYODA executives, this is our first official visit to the youths at districts level. We consider this very important because it will give us the opportunity to work together as a team.

There is no better time to have a united front among the youths than now. This is the time to reorganize ourselves and pursue issues of common interest. The youths must work in unison and build the future we desire. We must grow our capacity and seek economic emancipation by delving into businesses and other legitimate economic ventures. We must construct a support base for our fellow youths and sustain it.

We have come to share our activities and some national development with you and to also get feedback from you on your expectations on other areas of interest. This is timely because the national happening calls for a visit like this. First we want to encourage the youths to keep vigil as the security challenges in the country are yet to be fully addressed. Thus, with the reality as regards to security of lives and properties been experienced around the country, it should be a wakeup call to us as custodians and defendants of our communities to keep vigil. I call on us all to be vigilant and create synergy with other neighbouring communities even as we encourage the youth to operate within the ambit of the law.

As the time draw closer to the next general election, there must be deliberate activities to sensitize the youths because they are the major stakeholders and sometimes the most vulnerable in the hands of some greedy politicians. Therefore, if we are firm we are the forces to determine the road map for political engagements and governance.

The BAYODA voter’s mobilization scheme is on and there is a limit to what we can do in the exercise. Consequently, we urge you all to take up the challenge by registering and supporting others too to register. We must not wait for someone to convey us to the registration centre if we can afford it. The youths cannot afford to ignore this all important exercise which gives you the power to partake in the process of deciding who govern us. No matter how much you love this government or stand against its policies it will make no different if you cannot partake in the exercise that determined who govern you. Therefore, you must get your voters card and be fully engage in the entire processes.

Our political capital lies in the number of registered voters in our communities. Hence, the forth coming election should be approached with different mindset. It should not be heard that our community member did not vote because he has no voter’s card. We will encourage communities to demand a session with all aspirants to ascertain their plans for our communities.  In this dispensation, no aspirant should look down on the electorates before, during and after elections because we did not articulate our demands during our engagements. We must seek to have a contract with whomever we are given our mandate to.

No younger person should be allowed to be used again and no political party should take away our loyalty from our communities. We must bargain our community’s interest first before personal gains. No younger person should kill himself or kill others for a politician who cannot reciprocate such gesture to them. Whoever instigate you to cause trouble or give you some substances or money to create trouble please ask him to bring his children and relation together before you can give him your words. Please no youth should be allowed to be part of ballot boxes snatching and there should be no exchange of bitter words from brothers and sisters because of the influences, interest of politicians and political parties.

We therefore encourage youths to strive in making themselves relevant by seeking elective offices. It is also important that youths should hold sensitive positions in their various political organizations. Political parties should not determine our voting pattern in 2019. Rather, manifestos provided by aspirants should form our support base in the forth coming election. We encourage youths to join all the political parties and to remain very active in its activities. It must be a win-win situation for us but we advice all communities to seat and identify their needs and expectations from all political association and it should be well articulated to cover communities needs.

Our future should not be left in the hands of political parties delegates alone in the forth coming election. While we encourage our delegates to meander within the political space, we must caution them to consider what is best for the people irrespective of financial and personal gains attached.

We call on youths to support BAYODA in its drive to reposition Kajju. We have resolved to always put Kajju interest first. We are open to your suggestion and recommendation which will help in fostering our agenda and goals which are centred on the people.

Thank you and God bless.

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