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“We need National Development Plan not Restructuring, Yakasai”

“Northern leaders rejecting restructuring are lazy, Atiku Abubakar.”

“Those calling for restructuring are opportunists and irresponsible, El-rufai”

In my opinion Atiku Abubakar sounds the most brilliant between the trios on the issue of restructuring. Nigeria as a country had experienced three different eras and phases of national development plan which have consume a premium of our national fortune yet none of these had a sustainable impact in the countries quest to be a leading economy and improve the livelihood of her people. On these subject matter we had the following eras

  1. Era of fixed term planning between 1962-1985
  2. Era of rolling plan between 1990-1998
  3. New democratic dispensation 1999-till date

We can all take a simple test of analyzing these eras and draw the conclusions for ourselves. History has it that never has any of these eras experience full implementation of the national development plan despite the billions invested in the process and time after time the same process had made millionaires and billionaires at the expense of development and sustainable growth. The plan had never in anytime made Nigeria potent enough to maximize her resource base and produce Tao-like leaders who are committed to the future we all craved for.  Now these are the National Developmental Plans so far

The first national development plan was 1962-1968 development plan. This Plan saw a whopping 2.2billion naira injected into the system for implementation. The plan saw the birth of National Manpower Board and this left me with this question to the general public and apostles of national development plan: outline the exceptional achievements of the national manpower board to the nation so far.

The second national development plan was between year 1970-1974 and this plan saw the investment of 3 billion in the quest to implement it and this bear the first national confab in Nigeria and my question here remain the same as in the first national development plan.

The third national development plan was between year 1975-1980 and this plan consumed an unprecedented 43.3 billion naira, in the long run only 29.43 billion naira was spent and the other part of the cash was unaccountable for till date and you know so well that my guess is as good as yours about the where about of this money.

The fourth national development plan was between year 1981-1985 and this was the beginning of fraud amongst them all. It based its logic and mission statement on welfare and 82 billion naira was invested. The plan became the first to allow participation of local government and federal ministry of national planning and off course programs that strengthened national directorate of employment and lots more. Yet the achievements of this plan fell short of expectations.

Just recently 2003-2007 we saw the institution of NEEDs, SEEDs and LEEDs, these today have been used as channels for milking the public treasury. It is worthy of note that from the first era and the first national development plan to the last we had one issue that had been recurrent and that was EMPLOYMENT and I ask isn’t the level of unemployment, penury, looting, cost of governance, security, the gap in politicians and civil servants wages as well as ill allocation of budgetary stipends a reflection of failed chain of national development plan? Why should Yakasai go on national TV and tell Nigerians that what we need is that which had failed us? Could this be for the same purpose where funds released for implementation of the plan had been used to make billionaires instead of improving Nigeria and Nigerians? The history of failed national development plan and the present state of the government should tell us that there is no substitute for restructuring and restructuring is imminent. The northern leaders rejecting restructuring are truly lazy and must surrender their greed and quest for gathering wealth from public treasury so Nigeria will be truly great. Men like Elrufai and Yakasai must not fight the natural course of this paradigm shift that has raised the question and call for restructuring. They should in the spirit of change and passion for the generation next surrender their greed and unremitted quest for power and relevance allow restructuring to address our immediate problems without obstruction and grey definitions. This will be the bedrock of a downturn in agitations and a platform to discuss and negotiate national unity.




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