Nigeria Jaga Jaga


George Makeri

Edris Abdukarim was paid to sing and he sang. The lyrics therein is not Edris’s but that of the presidency. The presidency is desperate to do Obasanjo in, thus Edris was contracted. And since the presidency is desperately scouting for validation, she could go to most unlikely places for it. From a hoax of a Martin Luther King Jr foundation award, to hosting Naomi Campbell to visiting the White House and making several detrimental concessions to etc.

Edris could not even properly syncronise the lyrics with his style cum instrumentals. The song has no musical manoeuvres typical of Edris – it is pure junk. It was a feeble punch at Obasanjo by an out of circulation musician who is recycled for that sole purpose.

Giving it a critical look, you will see that Nigeria is more jaga jaga now than during Obasanjo’s time and Edris knows so, but he dares not criticize the regime of the Polpot of Nigeria and get away with it. Like Kukah, will say, ‘where we come from, there is no common definition for jaga jaga. For confused Islamists, jaga jaga means a Christian in power regardless of how good he is. An Islamist like Buhari in power, regardless of how satanic and destructive he is, is good. To say Obasanjo is the same as Buhari and both of them should go and rest, is to help the Buhari propaganda machine, whether consciously or unconsciously. When the Buhari propaganda machine accused Obasanjo of wasting 16 billion dollars on energy, they intended to achieve exactly that – get people preoccupied with Obasanjo’s foibles they won’t bother with the objectivity of his argument against the blood sucking regime of Buhari. Lawyers among us know this is the basest form of argument – ad hominem. Attacking Obasanjo’s personality does not in anyway diminish the potency of the issues he raised in his arguments against this regime. Instead of joining the Buharists to say Baba Iyabo too is corrupt and should back off, we should rather continue to propagate Baba Iyabo’s arguments against this vampiric regime. Buhari gave us nothing but took everything from us. Obasanjo took some things from us, but gave us alot more.

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