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A Newspaper caption last week made a mockery, referring to Donald Trump as the President of the Divided States of America due to the blitz of controversy that saturates the media concerning his Presidency. I’m surprised to see the hysteria even from Nigeria towards America that has made commentators who are keen about America to ignore the divisive tendencies sprouting in Nigeria today.


In the words of an elite, Alh. Maitama Sule in 2012, “Nigeria today is not what it used to be.”


Is Nigeria more united or more divided today?

Is the survival of Nigeria as a nation due to our Unity or fate?

Are Nigerians united by the spirit of patriotism or are we united cartographically (geographically)?


And there lies the controversy.


The move for Biafra has groomed seething hearts that are available for protests, matches, gatherings etc. According to (3days ago), 11 confirmed dead as police, Nigerian army allegedly shoot unarmed Biafrans celebrating Trump’s inauguration in Rivers. Nontheless, pro-Biafrans continue the support with the hope to seceded one day (this is a divisive tendency).


The vendatta in southern Kaduna has led to continuous gory actions, bloodbath, maiming and destructions of lives and properties by ‘suspected fulani herdsmen’ (as they’re always referred to), the natives have made outcries that there’s a percieve/actual conspiracy working against their existence spotting the tilt of ethnic-cleansing/ethno-religious motives behind the motives of the killers. Other stakeholders have repudiated the concluded observations of the people of southern Kaduna as crapola. (This is another divisive tendency).


Shortly after the journey of President Muhammadu Buhari to London, speculations sipped into the air that the president was dead! Some Nigerians felt OK by spreading the rumours while others felt infuriated that some people wished the president death. Some said it was the handiwork of the oppositions. (This is a divisive tendency).


A memo circulated by the Kastina State University exempting the existence some religious associations and other associations was frowned at by a bulk of Nigerians on who have opined that its an indication of religious intolerance and a violation of rights. (This is a divisive tendency).


There are blocs in the offensive/defensive organised by ethnicity, religion and region that either defend or condemn policies, actions and inactions by the present administration. Notable public office holders use emotions and sentiments to analyse controversial issues rather than using facts, respect for human rights and equity. (This is a divisive tendency).


The list can go on and on to show the status-quo of Nigeria today as regards the unity. So rather than getting hysterical over American politics, I suggest that Nigerians should be concerned about the divisive tendencies in Nigeria.


Conclusively, “People say that if you find water rising up to your ankle, that’s the time to do something about it, not when it’s around your neck” Chinua Achebe.



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