The British colonial masters amalgamated Southern and Northern protectorates in 1914 and called their new political contraption Nigeria

After some conferences at home, in United Kingdom, and some drama and melodramas in the federal parliament in Lagos the Union Jack was lowered on 1st October 1960.That marked the beginning of our so-called political freedom.

The military assassinated the 1st Republic in 1966 and replaced a robust fiscal federal setting with a unitary order. Since then we have been running a one-of-its-kind pseudo federal system.

Centripetal and centrifugal forces triggered a 30 months civil war that started in 1967 and ended in 1970.Were still battling with its claims & counter claims. Our colonial masters and other Western nations played heinous roles in the war.

Despite fighting a civil war and the introduction of the three “Reconstruction, Reintegration and Rehabilitation” lots of issues are yet to be laid to rest. We are pretending not to know this.Some of the most crucial national questions are;is the imposed federation still viable? Are we making any reasonable progress?

Since our colonial masters unilaterally amalgamated us into one entity,i wish we formalise their action via an independent Referendum as propagated by IPOB and other groups in Nigeria.

These 58 years of independence are a mere calamity.They are 58 years of oppression,suppression,exploitation and monumental confusion.We are akin to wailers and captives by the riverside of Babylon.

The 1914 Lugardian Nigeria is nothing more than a glorified apartheid state. The differences with the one that existed in South Africa are freedom of movement and the right to vote. But all other features are one and the same.

Elections are by the corner. I beseech Nigerians to insist to know the position of those aspiring to lead them on some crucial national issues like; the need to return to fiscal federalism,Referendum and bearing of arms.

The present leadership of the country is the most vicious,clueless,oppressive and kleptocratic. It has collapsed fragile social bridges and destroyed everything good. It’s a akin to a corrosive acid that destroys beauty and nature.

Appealing to soldiers of democracy and development to unite and sink a malevolent ruling caste that made Nigeria world’s Headquarters of poverty and turned it to a czarists police state. Unity will collapse our chains of subjugation,otherwise too bad.

John Danfulani,Ph.D

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