Nigeria 57th Anniversary By Dr. David Charima

A little above two decades ago I woke to the reality that I am a Nigerian by birth and origin. Was I happy to be one???

At the back of Karl Maier’s book titled “This House has Fallen” someone gave an insightful endorsement saying “the world ignores Nigeria at its peril”. How profound and no statement can be any truer.

Inasmuch as countless Nigerians and many nations of the world feel that there is nothing to celebrate Nigeria at 57, there is a need to reflect and appreciate something, even if it is the only thing, then it is worth celebrating.

Nigeria has endured quite enough and has enjoyed earth’s resources for close to a century but is yet to experience exceptional leadership, that is why 2019 must be a defining moment in our nation’s history.

Between 1960 and today, the throes of misfortune has trailed Nigeria at the helms of leadership, within civilian population and to our international image but our integration, cohesion and unity has remained.

In fact we should be thankful that despite our multiracial, multicultural and multilingual diversity which are enough to tear us all apart into tiny little pieces of pockets of states we are still one which indicates that God is interested in our nationhood and has a global purpose.

Nigeria may not be where we want her to be but we have gone through a lot to believe in a prosperous future we can have.

There is a good chance that the ray of hope we’ve always had is good enough to make Nigeria Great Again.

And of course, I am proud to be a Nigerian because there is no country without challenges!

Happy Independence, Nigeria.

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria

By Dr. David Charima⁠⁠⁠⁠

Dr. David Charima is NEWLEAD award Winning Youth Leader and Resource Speaker

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