The political terrain in Delta State has climaxed to a certain level where occurrences and issues are no longer new as every Deltan seems to be conscious of its daily affairs and activities.

It is no longer news that the state, especially some renowned local government has been abandoned as nothing seems to be feasible in terms of development and achievements. Suffice it to say that, these local governments have representatives that ought to pursue and project that which the communities requires to grow, but it turns out that the story remains same as the people they are supposed to represent are in dire need for a better phase.

A typical example of one of these local government is UDU local government area of delta state.

Being in the south south region of the state, this ocal government area is as old as the state itself with its enclave still basking in the euphoria of oldies and stagnation of any developmental stride. One will begin to wonder if this very local government which once had her nomenclature projected before federal House of Assemblies because of the calibre of its descendants in years past, has any representative from her constituency.

Going by the current wave of awareness and consciousness, one will agree that posterity will be so cruel on the part of any individual who consciously or inadvertently ignore the roles they ought to play in order to better their local government in particular and the state that birthed them.

It is in this regard that times and equation is no friend of man, hence, the beaming of torchlight for a possible and competent hand to manage the affairs of UDU federal constituency in Delta State.

This constituency calls for a phase lift and must be liberated from political negligence and cruel abandonment. Basking in the euphoria of hope when efforts are not in place will amount to making a mockery of the entire system. It is in this vein that the Delta State Grass roots monitoring and evaluation team, a political team that caries out development reviews in the state base on investigative journalism and recommendations pause to ask about a popular out whose drives and aspirations has always been for the development of UDU people.
However, if we are real about the craving for real transformation , then we need to take proactive measures and ensure selfless individuals come to the pier to deliver UDU local government from marginalization and political cheats which has become a regular political religion over time

To this end, Prince Sylvester Ogba Dugbo comes to mind.

Having suffered series of neglect and under development even when there are representatives who ought to stand in defense and project her development to the upper political players, it seems nothing is working, therfore, it will be an act of self inflicted pain and anguish if we continue to watch things as they glide to the worst pace.

it’s high time, Udu Local decides her fate and destiny and in whose hands her political dividends will be entrusted.

Prince Sylvester Ogba Dubois, through his philanthropic initiatives, has lifted many from the grounds of wants and needs. A youth with a large heart and always reachable. His framework is built around the survival of Udu constituency in particular and Delta State in general.

Liberating Udu constituency from th depth of developmental forgetfulness can only be made positive by choosing and bringing this intelligent and quintessential gentle son of the soil to serve his motherland.

The Delta State grassroots monitoring team and evaluation shall treat the dossier of this quintessential gentleman in series. While we continue our findings, we promise to unveil more of his contributions to mankind and why he should be projected to represent Udu constituency at the upper chamber.
Prince Chux Davix Daniels Onyemaka
Delta State Monitoring and Evaluation Team (DEMET)

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