Netzit patriotic Front visited Godogodo yesterday 7th October 2016 with relief materials. You can recall that Godogodo is one of the villages attacked by the Fulani herdsmen who are popularly known as the unknown gunmen in Sanga LG.

A report in 27th June 2014 read thus; “In Sanga LGA of Kaduna State, 32 people were killed by gunmen suspected to be Fulani militia … Amber, a village of about 5,000 people, was ransacked … In Paa, a village close to Gwantu, the town was attacked … Ten people were killed. The town is also burnt down … All Ninzom villages, including Gwantu, the LGA, headquarters of Sanga, were deserted as people ran to police stations, primary and secondary schools in nearby towns and into neighbouring states … The tense situation in the area was making distribution of relief materials to about 50,000 displaced persons almost impossible.”

As we know many people were rendered homeless and were made IDPs in their own villages by these terrorists. Many of them lost their loved ones ranging from children, husbands, wives, sisters and brothers. Their homes were burnt down to ashes, their grains were burnt to ashes also. As a result of the suffering of which these villages were plunged into the NETZIT PATRIOTIC FRONT deem it necessary to help them relief some of these suffering with these materials. As you can see in the pictures below, the materials are clothes, shoes, grains, etc.



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