Sexual enhancers are drugs that enhance (normal abnormal) erectile function and increase sexual arousal and desire, a number of untested drugs have been sold on the illicit market with suggested effects on sexual behaviours.

These drugs, supposedly cause spontaneous erections as well as increase sexual desire and arousal.

While sexual enhancers are frequently associated with male users, it has become evident that female users are increasingly interested in this type of drugs to treat low sexual desire.

Studies indicate that people often use these drugs to increase sexual confidence, prevent premature ejaculation and, improve erection quality and for ︎better sexual performance, others simply use them to reverse temporary erectile dysfunction caused by, for example, alcohol or other recreational drugs.

Negative effect.

The negative effects of unprescribed use of sexual enhancers cannot be overemphasized. The negative effects far outweigh the positive. Below are the negative effect of such drugs;

* Hearing loss or vision loss:
Some men have had sudden loss of hearing or loss of vision after taking some of these medications.

* Priapism: Priapism is an erection that does not go away on it own,this condition can be painful and requires medical treatment to avoid damage to the penis. It has been noticed while taking sex enhancers.

* Headache: it is a common side effect of the male enhancement drug. Since the drugs increase blood flow, the sudden change in blood flow might be felt in the head.

* Nasal Congestion: Congestion or a stuffy nose is another common side effect of the sex enhancers . The individual may have runny nose as a result of the medication.

* Flushed skin: Flushed skin can also occur when taking sex enhancers. Flushing happens when the neck, face, or upper chest suddenly feels warm and gets red. This is the result of increased blood flow.

* Allergic reactions: Allergic reactions to the medication are possible and can differ from not serious to very serious. skin rash, hives, or itchiness are likely an allergic reaction. Itchy eyes are another common sign of an allergic reaction.

* Muscle pain: Body aches and muscle pain might occur medication. The body aches are commonly in the lower back or throughout other muscles.

* Heart attack or stroke: Heart attack can occur from using sex enhancers . Similar to a heart attack, there is also the risk of stroke. Symptoms of a stroke include vision problems, confusion, difficulty controlling one side of the body.

* Death: Taking a male enhancement drug can result in death. Death might occur in those who have a heart attack, stroke, or serious allergic reaction to the medication.

There are natural ways to boost your sex drive and get good performance on bed, rather than using sex enhancers. Eat good food, take fruits rich in zinc, exercise, these are natural ways of improving yourself. Don’t kill yourself with sex enhancers for fear of been tagged one minute man.

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