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The entire defunct Kogi district with headquarters in Jenuwa KOGI wishes to express their profound gratitude to His Excellency Arch. DICKSON DARIUS ISHAKU the executive governor of Taraba State for been decisive in the creation of new chiefdom for the sole purpose of strengthening the traditional institutions of Taraba state for effective,cohesive and peaceful coexistence among its citizenry which has demonstrated your love and passion for the grassroot populace by the instrumentality of traditional institutes in the maintenance of peace and unity of a prosperous Taraba.

The joy of the community know no boundary when the news of the executive bill sent by His Excellency to the Hon. Speaker seeking the approval of the house for the creation of new chiefdom in Taraba state, this has affirmed the clarion call of a popular slogan of the rescue captain of “Give me peace, I will give you development” . The people of Jenuwa Kogi have indeed commended the effort of the rescue captain in a bit to providing an institution of stable traditional leadership through the creation of the new chiefdom to strengthen traditional tides at the grassroot for meaningful dividends of democracy to curtail the incessant tension and sour relationship of inter-comunnal clashes and between farmers and herdmen clashes as been witnessed in the state. We are gladden by this development of your consistency in the quest of finding lasting peace and workable means of bringing lingering traditional tussle to an end in the creation of these new chiefdom.

Permit me your Excellency to give you a brief history of KOGI DISTRICT QUARTERS IN JENUWA KOGI. The Kogi District was created during the government of Late Alhaji Abubakar Barde under the platform of Great Nigeria People Party (G.N.P.P), The status of the Kew Rubur Nyim (Jenuwa Kogi) was upgraded from Village Head (VH) to District Head (DH) and Jenuwa Kogi became the Headquarters of the District under the provision of A 54 law No 5 of 1981 Gongola State of Nigeria Gazette No 30 volume 6 of 30th July, 1981.

The District include the following communities under it which are Rubur Nyim ( Jenuwa Kogi), Kapiya,Bete, Lufu, Acha, Sufa, Pyeri, Gbaondo, Shiapke, Fete and surrounding villages.

According to the Speaker, Gongola State House of Assembly Honourable Paul Wampana Vimtim, “I certify that this printed impression has been carefully compared by me with the bill which was passed by the house of Assembly of Gongola State of Nigeria of Monday, the 13th day of April, 1981 and then sent to the governor of the state for assent but the assent to which same bill was passed by the House of Assembly on Monday, the 1st day of June,1981, by 55 votes in favour and zero (0) against out of its total membership of 63 and thus, it was passed into law by two third majority as required by section 94 (5) of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1979”

Following the above declaration, the political base of the KWE and Rubur Nyim(Jenuwa Kogi) District continue to flourished and consolidated with a strong central government at the centre, and effective system at the local level hence the KWE carry his functions uninterrupted.

From the foregoing brief background it is pertinent to know that Kogi District headquarters in Jenuwa Kogi is the oldest District created in Takum local government of the defunct Gongola State was omitted in the list seeking approval for the creation of new chiefdom and this, has prompted us as law abiding citizen of the affected community of KOGI DISTRICT headquarters Jenuwa Kogi now in Yangtu Special Development Area to call for the upgrading of the District to a chiefdom based on facts submitted above with the KWE to a third class chief in the spirit of fairness and justice.

To further buttress our claims, Kogi District was maintained and recognised during the regime’s of Rev Jolly Nyame and Late Pham.Danbaba Suntai of blesseth memory which was under the supervision of Taraba state ministry of local government and cheiftancy Affairs, gazetted by Taraba state House of Assembly.

In affirmation to our claims, the Chairman Taraba State Traditional Concil His Royal Highness the Aku UKa of Wukari can attest to the existence of Kogi District.

Haven’t arrived at a conclusion that peace is the only driving force for any meanful development we are here by using this medium to make our passionate appeals to His Excellency that:

(a) Jenuwa Kogi should be consider a chiefdom with Headquarters in Jenuwa kogi.

(b)The should be upgraded to a third class chief

(c) posterity will remember your Excellency for good if our appeals is treated with fairness.

(d) A high power committee be set up alongside traditional rulers of every kingdom to ascertain the community(ies)who truely deserve to be upgraded.

(e) We remain steadfast and committed to the course of this government of peace as the only driving force to attainable development.

(f) We remain optimistic and resilient as a community that our appeals to the listening Governor will be treated in high esteem as we await swift response.

Remain blessed!

Receive the highest assurance of our patriotism!

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