GWANTU – The Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU) has assured the burnt down Ngbok Nandu community of Numana District, Sanga Local Government Area (LGA) in southern part of Kaduna state, that it will collaborate with individuals and groups and assist in the reconstruction of the ravaged community.

It could be recalled that Nbbok Nandu was attacked in the night of 16th March, 2019, in which 8 persons were killed, three injured and all the 55 homes in the village set ablaze. Armed herdsmen were blamed for the violence.

SOKAPU made this pledge when it visited the traumatised community yesterday with an entourage of its officials and top members of the Union led by Secretary General of SOKAPU, Mr. Anto Ambi Ogah.

Volunteers offloading the donated items provided by SOKAPU into a church in Ngbok, Nandu yesterday

The Chairman, SOKAPU ad hoc Committee on Rebuilding and  Resettlement,  Fr. Williams Abba told the community that his message from the SOKAPU president, Barr. Solomon Musa was  that hope was on the way as the entire Southern Kaduna had resolved to stand by Nbgbok Nandu.

He said: “What affects any community in Ham land today has direct consequences for the Atyap man. What affects any community in southern Kaduna affects us all.

“ I am because you are. You are because I am.

“What SOKAPU has done today by organizing this event for which relief materials will be presented is a clear demonstration of our resolve not only  to help you rebuild your homes, but most importantly rebuild your confidence in southern Kaduna.

“ It is not enough to cry for the victims. We must empathize. We must help our brothers and sisters to overcome fear, rebuild their homes and go back to their communities – This was our message in Kajuru and we repeat same today in Sanga.

Dr. Joshua La’ah, making a symbolic presentation of the items, on behalf of the President of SOKAPU, Barr. Solomon Musa, to the Welfare Secretary, Mr. Yohana Samuel, in Ngbok, Nandu yesterday.

“The items being presented today have been made possible thanks to the generous donations of people who may not have even known or heard of Ngbok Nandu before the attacks. We are grateful to everyone who made this possible. We assure all our donors and would be donors, that every kobo donated towards this project will be judiciously used and accounted for. With you, we can put smiles on the faces of our people.

“ In the next few days, our committee shall present a roadmap for the rebuilding and resettlement of our destroyed communities. We do this because we have an obligation to our people. While we hope government acts soon to help our communities, we feel compelled to do something in the interim to provide succour to our people. No sane human being should read meanings into our modest efforts. Our conscience tells us it is right,” he maintained.

Chairman, SOKAPU Relieve and Rehabilitation Committee, Dr. Joshua La’ah on his part told the community that it was facing persecution just as other communities of same faith with them are facing in many parts of the country, and plead with them not to feel defeated.

Fr. Michael Magaji, who prayed and blessed the community on behalf of the Church, told the residents not to flee away from their lands and allow the enemy take possession of it.

“Your land is the most prime material possession God had given you on behalf of your incoming generation. You must do all you can to stand firm, defend it and SOKAPU will assist in its little way to help you rebuild. The blood of the martyrs spilled on this community shall become a blessing unto this land”, he said.

Some of the items donated by SOKAPU include, 24 bundles of roofing sheets, 5 bags of rice, 10 bags of maize, 1 bag of beans each of 50kg.

Others include: Two 50 litres of cooking oil, one 50kg bag of salt, two carton of cracker biscuits, two cartons of sachet cowbell milk and two cartons of washing soaps

There were also a large bag full of shoes and another full of clothes.

Of the four families who lost the loves ones, each was given a token of N10,000 and another token of N10,000 was given to the committee overseeing the welfare of the village, for logistic support.

Accepting the items on behalf of Nbok, Nandu, the Secretary, Nbok Nandu Welfare Committee thanked  SOKAPU for its kind gesture.

From left is Dr. Joshua La’ah, to left right is Fr. Williams Abba, to the left of the Priest is Mr. Anto Ambi Ogah while at the left of Ogah, is Fr. Michael Magaji listening with rapt attention as Fr. Abba addressed the community yesterday.

He said: “We are very grateful to SOKAPU for this kind assistance,” he said, “our spirit is rekindled and we are so proud and happy that we have brothers out there who care. May the Lord blessed you and take you home safely,” he said.

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