The Kaduna State Government under the El-Rufai administration has begun the construction projects on Nassarawa road.

Nassarawa village which is situated close to Makera, Kakuri Kaduna had suffered for more than 9years over bad road and several fake promises made by politicians. This has led many vehicles conveying people to Kaduna town refusing to take the route. Which also forced the people in the community to be boarding buses going to town at United bus stop(Kakuri) or Keke Nape.

In 2009 the reconstruction of the road projects started, but was left uncompleted by past administrations under controversial circumstances.

One of the resident Mr. James Kevin who spoke to Swansylinks said, “For quite a long time we have been praying to God to bring Government that will salvage Nassarawa of her bad road. A lot of us made so many commitment in ensuring that the road is motorable. As at last year, some people contributed financially while others gave voluntary services, but when the rainy season came, it washed them away.” He said.

Another resident Mrs Rahila Abuja said, ” Our Prayers are being answered now with the ongoing project on the road. But it is coming with a huge sacrifice of buildings that are near the road. Houses and structures around the road, as at 10th February, 2021 were given a 24hours self demolition notice, owing to the fact that the state government already compensate them. The photos were taken that day, as virtually all the owners were seen removing the structures to a point the KADGIS authority marked.” She said

According to information gathered by Swansylinks, some residents felt the compensation given by the government was not fair enough, as some old moulded houses were highly compensated while some new builded houses were compensated with a lesser amount.

Mr. Sunday Peter said, “The compensation was not done uniformly as some houses got more than others what was given. For example, a newly built cement house got #450,000 while an old moulded house got 1.4 million. However, in as much as we in Nassarawa need good road, but unfortunately it is coming with pain on many landlords and shop owners who depend on their business.” He said

In an interview with Swansylink Mr. Bulus Zakka a shop owner, said ,”Having a poor road system in Nassarawa, makes it more difficult for children in the environment to go to school and more expensive for farmers to bring their produce to the market. Bad roads adversely affect people in countless other ways and thus it makes people poorer. But with the recent development I believe it will make a powerful impact on people’s lives in this environment. Additionally, this development will bring social, cultural and economic changes in the lives of the people in terms of providing connectivity between people and places and thus help in reducing the poverty as long as direct market access to the rural producers. I pray that the governor will complete what he started.” He said

It is a fact that if roads in an area are well-developed and properly maintained, travel time is reduced and access to local markets, work places, educational institutions and medical and health services are increased.

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