By Nasiru Jagaba

…And Jesus grew in Wisdom and Stature, and in favor with God and men.

Its Another 12th January!

I reflect on the past year with mixed emotions.

As a person and as a people we have suffered losses. They are numerous and vary from individuals to families to communities.
The most notable has been Human lives, some through natural causes, others as a result of unending needless an unjustifiable attacks meted out on us. May God comfort us and may the Souls of our brethren continue to rest in the bossom of our Lord.

Of note as well, is the incredible amount of loss of livelihoods. From traditional rulers, to the primary school teachers, to local government workers, to workers in various higher institutions lodged in the state as well as ministries within the state. I empathize with us all. May El Shaddai our all sufficient father who has assured us of daily bread continue to fill our tables and supply our needs.

Unfortunately, in addition to these, We have also been knackered financially by the surge of kidnappers operating callously within the state. For those who have been affected, know that Our God will replenish all that you’ve lost and that he sees everything in heaven and will judge each one according to their deeds, good or evil!

Looking back still, it wasn’t all dreadful.

Personally, through our dogged and intelligent Southern Kaduna lawyers, my protracted case finally ended with a resounding victory! Others with similar cases have won too and some are well on the way to favorable verdicts too.

While there were alarming deaths in the land, there were even more births! Amazingly, a lot being males (I personally believe God is restoring the many lives of young men we lost). To this, I am a partaker as I also welcomed a beautiful young man to my home.

As a people we have continued to foster strong cords as long existing barriers of tribalism, ethnicity and even differences due to domination are constantly dissolving. We’ve become more united than ever before and this feels my heart with so much joy.

We are also growing in Wisdom. Gradually putting away selfishness, pettiness, laziness and other vices that have for long always worked against us!

We have shown time and time again that we are a resilient people, a people chosen by God. Increasing in stature by disregarding the odds stacked against us as we continue to make giant strides in our individual and collective endeavors!

Most importantly, we have recognized the importance of God’s favor in our lives, communities, state, and our leaders. This is evident in the revivals ongoing in our churches. After all, One with God is indeed the majority!.

As my Spiritual father (Chris Delvan) prophesied in one of his songs… “Babylon is falling” indeed Babylon is falling to a bottomless pit. The gigantic mountain of evil is already melting. The horses and the riders are about to be swallowed up. With our own eyes we shall see the punishment of the evil ones. The blood of the innocent ones have provoked the judgement of the impartial Judge.

The contractions in our lives are a sign that something good is about to happen. We shouldn’t run away from Goliath because he is a giant, rather we face him fearlessly and hit squarely, he is the breakthrough to our liberation.

These and many more give me a thousand and one reasons to be hopeful for our collective future as a people.

I, hereby, make a clarion call to our brothers and sisters that are still lost on the way… Southern Kaduna is our home! No stranger is going to come to our house to fix it for us. Let us sheath our swords, reason together and take Southern Kaduna and the state at large to its rightful place of glory! Now is the time!

In conclusion, I thank the Almighty God for being faithful to me this past year! His provision, protection, and blessings!
I thank my Pastors for feeding my spirit, praying with me and counselling me, may our wonderful father refresh your anointing.
I thank my family and friends for being there for me, supporting and encouraging me.
I thank all of you for your prayers, kind words, support and encouragement! May your labor of love be rewarded in full.

Happy birthday to Me!

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