When your dreams and vision are stolen, when you stand alone in your hour of adversity and need, when the battles in your life are on the verge of defeating and ruining you, when tears and sorrow have embraced your soul, when the haunting silence of the darkness hangs like a shadow in the depth of your heart, when the wasted years you spent fighting without winning, when nothing is working for you……pause a moment and reflect upon this heavenly conversation that fell into the ears of David.

‘’The LORD (God) said to my Lord, (Jesus) ‘’sit in the place of honor at my right hand until I humble your enemies, making them a footstool under your feet’’ (Psalm 110:1). That was a conversation between God the father, preparing God the son on a rescue mission to a hellish world. David in Jerusalem interloped and documented this top-secret conversation as the code for accomplishment.
I don’t know what kind of ears David had that eavesdropped on a top secret between a Son and His Father in heaven. How did David know about this important, immortal, invisible personality called ‘’Jesus’’ that he even acknowledged as “my Lord.”
David heard this super-human conversation at a time of need, from the darkest hours of his life, from the agony of his despair, in his greatest hour of adversity…..when his enemies seemed too strong for him. The word came to him in the wilderness, running for his life from one cave to the other, and he took advantage of the word and expeditiously put it into test and it worked for him. That was the secret behind his success and he did not keep it to himself inconsiderately but documented it for all believers as the Code for Accomplishment.
David sat at the right hand of God where he found the armour of God, a casted shadow all around him, he found strength to fight wild beasts, wild nations, and kings and triumphantly he won all his battles.
Tribulations are doors to triumphs, to every Canaan there is a Jordan. No road that leads to the promised land is free from rocks, valley, obstacles, trials, troubles, enemies, lack, sorrow, persecution and temptation. Yes, He knows how weak we are, and that is why He unveiled the code for accomplishment by making reference to His Son, “sit at my right hand until I put your enemies under your feet”. His only Holy Son had to pass through temptations, lashes, humiliation, rejection, persecutions, imprisonment, and death on his journey to fulfill the holy words of his father and to secure His most exalted throne at the right hand of His father.
These are perilous times, it is either you are at the right hand of God or you will be swallowed by iniquity at the side of the devil. Does it make any sense…..running for help from the same devil who is hunting your life. You may have made mistakes in the past because you were ignorant of the truth, Come and sit by His right hand….endure and you shall overcome the challenges and pains of your life, as freedom and victory awaits you and it will eventually embrace you.
David gave us an informed secret from the discussion of the Father and His Son, and in it there is inner strength and peace; which the World cannot penetrate. Embrace that inner source of strength and you will become fearless and the obstacle within your life will seem insignificant.
Who do you view as your enemy? Your enemy may not necessarily be a physical or spiritual being. You may even be your own enemy by the wild life you live. Sexual immorality, impurity, idolatry, sorcery, hostility, quarrelling, jealousy, anger, selfishness, dissension, envy, drunkenness, wild parties and other sins might be the biggest enemies hovering around you. Don’t let them swallow you, so go forth into the place of Honor at the right hand of God and reclaim your stolen dreams, visions, treasures and blessings. From Zion the LORD will extend your royal power. ‘’Rule over your enemies’’, says the LORD.

Merry Christmas.

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