Nasiru Jagaba

We all are carrying the scars of bad leaders. Who today does not yearn for relief from the problems that face mankind? Our longings went unfulfilled, we dreamed for peace, law and order, but we are plagued by genocide and kidnapping.

We cannot stem the rising tide of robbery, rape, murder, corruption and hypocritical moral looseness.

Both past and present leaders have conspicuously and outrageously failed Nigerians. In the real sense, they seem to be carrying the same political DNA. Though some “distinguished” themselves to be “Saints” and jumped into another camp, shifted all the blames to their former companions whom they previously enjoyed fellowship together, looted together, sucked blood together and perverted together to let-down Nigeria.

They masqueraded themselves in white without pulling off their cloak of iniquity and without immersion, they deodorized their dirty armpits with a deodorant that couldn’t eliminate that offensive odour that polluted our polity today.

They refused to returned their plunders like the biblical story of Zacchaeus instead they pretended to be the new immaculate leaders in town, even decorated as the new messiah (no one contest with the position of my Lord) and extorted power.

We celebrated the change, even some foolish among us lost their lives in the course of celebration. We expected a new path of departure as promised……Naira will equate dollar, fuel will be sold at 30 naira per litre, the long dark age of power epilepsy will be history, we expected an improved education, health and other infrastructural development. All these expectations and optimism were swiftly turned to disappointments.

We now realize that though we thought we were celebrating the exit of demons from the pews, actually we were foolishly and ignorantly celebrating the arrival of the headmaster of demons (devil) into the pew.

What do you expect, devil in a pew…….. a crying shame; egregious lies; flagrant violation of human rights; glaring errors; gross injustice; rank treachery; gross ineptitude that give rise to empty real absurdity in governance.

We are forced to smile while actually we should be crying; we are forced to hold on to physical life amidst psychological death.

Our God in His display of mercy gave some leaders the opportunity to fix the imbalances of the Nigerian political structures and to sieve the skulduggeries in the Nigerian constitution in order to give it a human face only for them to neglect their call of a saviour and embark on egotistical pursuit of ravenous, senseless and unfeasible third term and second term agendas that end up lodging the suppressed majority in the jaws of carnivorous cabal, economic vampires and whoremongers.

Any elected political leader that came to power with a second term agenda in mind will end up repeating mistakes of the past by compromising to malicious cabals, gluttonous looters and foreign powers.

Every sector in Nigeria is seriously sick and only the eligible voter can heal and save the country from folding.

As you approach your polling units, don’t forget that you’re carrying the scars of religious and ethnic nepotism; at your polling unit don’t forget the scars of half-truths and vindictiveness. As you collect your ballot ruminate on the scars of sophistry and heartlessness. Think about the wounds of oppression, executive lawlessness and rascality.
Save Nigeria with you ballot.

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