By Muhammad Shehu Molash, is a member of Kaduna Restoration Group.⁠

I have been undaunted with calls from most parts of country, in connection with my present stand on Elrufai’s government. On a personal note, I have been Elrufai’s fan for almost two decades, to the extent that i read his “ACCIDENTAL PUBLIC SERVANT” more than 50 times. But in developed democracies, vibrant oppositions are welcomed to put the people in power under check .

Eight months ago, I was an unrepentant Elrufaits, but not any more. My position is hinged on the fact that certain things are wrong with the way governance has been reduced to.

How come the official houses of the state house of Assembly members were sold cheaply and secretly without the OPEN BIDDING SYSTEM, as it was done in the case of the civil servants? How comes a government that was massively voted to ensure that the rule of law prevails, will allow Sole Administrators as local government chairmen, when the constitution declared them ILLEGAL?

Is it constitutionally right to refuse to conduct the local government elections on the vague excuse of waiting for some super machines from China? It seems the governor does not even trust the card reader that ushered him into the government. Why collect taxes on behalf of the local councils?

Why do you have to abolished the INDIGENSHIP in Kaduna state and embarked upon a “WHITE ELEPHANT ” venture called “RESIDENCY CARD?

Is Kaduna state more cosmopolitan than Lagos and Kano? The civil servants have had to contend with endless verifications about eighteen (18) times! Perhaps, someone, somewhere is benefiting from this verifications that have left over 20,000 workers without some salaries of several months.

In Addition, No person that retired after 2015 has collected his gratuity. Another angle which I premised my opposition to Malam Nasiru Elrufai, is the much hyped Educational “Revolution ” in Kaduna state, where the aspect of manpower, arguably the most important in any Genuine “Revolution ” has been neglected. It is a fact that a GOOD TEACHER can impact knowledge to his students, even under tree shades. But Elrufai ignored all that and concentrated on painting classrooms that have 34,000 “deficits” of teachers. While the teachers are daily being demoralised, debased, demotivated and rendered dysfunctional to carry out their functions.

The use of CONSULTANTS in almost every SECTOR in Kaduna state is one area am not comfortable with. In any case, they mostly help in making a state governor to misprioritise, misplace ,misapply public funds.

Furthermore, Our party, The APC, is facing extinction owing to its non conformity with the INTERNAL DEMOCRACY MECHANISM set in place by our revered leader, President BUHARI. Pointer to this fact, emerged from the kangaroo delegates elections and the recent charade, called ENDORSEMENT. We should also be mindful of the fact that it is only in KADUNA STATE in whole of the North West that we have a Former Vice president, PDP National Chairman and the only PDP Senator from the Zone. The so called achievements in employment is laced with fallacies. Some VIOs, who are trained in vehicle administration, Accident inspection etc,were dissolved to pave way to a revenue inspired agency, KASTELIA.

Kaduna state has about 1500 health centers. But of the much celebrated 255 health centers , only six are completed after two years!. The 10 billion spent on school feeding, should have been channeled into providing decent Health care centres or complete the 300 bed specialist hospital started by Namadi.

Kaduna state, with about 5 million people ,has less than 200 Doctors and the governor is celebrating the repainting of some PHCs that even fall below the minimum requirements of a standard primary health care centre. And they do not even have common Malaria testing equipment.

In any democratic clime, human capital development is one of the major indicators of the success or failure of governance, but when in a situation, a government is marketing poverty to its electorates and declaring them unfit to participate in rendering even the most elementary of them all, WASTE COLLECTION then it is most unfortunate. A certain Yoruba lady has to be “imported” for that purpose.

Based on campaign promises, he’s performing below expectations, which is why am disappointed with the quality of roads being churned out in the name of “INFRASTRUCTURAL DEVELOPMENTS “. The roads can not withstand two raining seasons.

In two years, not a SINGLE primary school teacher was employed. Hundreds have either been sacked or frustrated into retirement. No provision of materials such as Chalks, Registers, Brooms and Cutlasses. And he is “committed to revamping education”

In Kaduna the running of a close circuit leadership which negates the tenets of democracy seems to be the order of the day. Of the six top appointments, the minister from Kaduna state is Elrufai’s Cousin, Ambassador is his cousin, SSG is his close friend, Chief of staff is close friend. Political Adviser is his very close friend. And they all come from Zaria, in addition to two commissioners, Head of service and several SAs and Heads of parastatals.
If anyone thinks that the above detailed explanation does not “ring a bell” then I rest my case.⁠⁠⁠⁠

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