With a deceptive slogan of ‘’change’’, in the 2015 general election, the All progressive Congress APC massively positioned the media as a huge machinery of deceit, treachery, manipulation of truth outright lies and to some extent even violence all mixed up, to confuse Nigerians, and then create a wildly fanciful imagination that turned out to be a disaster, hardship and misery. Looking back now, it was all too much drama.

I believe Karl Marx’s definition of revolution (change) meant the replacement of an evil with another. That struggle of the Nigerian masses for a nation that could live up to their expectations was however hijacked by the same ‘stakeholders’ who have blocked the political space for over thirty years. Their means was quite subtle and straight, every request made of them by the ’’naive masses’ ’was responded to with an ‘aye’. The evil we have today is 100 times worse than the evil of yesterday. While refusing any culpability of sounding racist, one can compare the previous devil as being ‘white’ as against the current ‘black’ devil we have today which relishes at best on the blood of innocent citizens.

The APC rode to power selling the white lie called ‘’Change’’. With promises to change things for Nigerians came the blame-game practice, recession, denial of campaign promises, hunger, impoverishment, religious and ethnic nepotism, half-truths, vindictiveness, sophistry, brutish   oppression, harassment of journalists, activists, judiciary and opposition members, lopsided federal  appointment, policy somersaults, executive lawlessness  and rascality, economic hardship, social dysfunction and electoral mismanagement. These are worse than the charlatanic war against corruption of the questionable anti-corruption Czar.

The lie is worst in Kaduna state where the merciless ‘first class’ tyrant afflicts injuries both on the people and the system. There is no aspect of governance in Kaduna State that is not brimming with the exhibition of imperiousness, ineptitude, empty promises, and disregard for the rule of law, destructions of democratic, religious and traditional institutions, government supported genocide, incomplete or abandoned programmes and project, fraudulent contract administration, partial reflectivity of local content act, deprivation of civil service professionalism, compulsory termination of duty, encouragement of impunity, disobedience of court orders, land grabbing in the name of grazing reserve, lack of fairness and justice, systematic looting of state treasury through consultancy services,  religious intolerance, hatred for the Southern Kaduna people and this is clearly displayed as wages for the killer and shackles for the dissenting voice of the  marginalized majority, and the relocation of every institution of the State government that is in southern Kaduna with the exception of revenue generating institutions. Never in history had a government enforced ethnic and religious differences as a means of finding relevance to consolidate power like the Government of the day has. Thankfully time is making the spell to wear out fast.

The level of barbarism in the Southern Kaduna genocide was in such a way that, pregnant women got their wombs blown and massacred before their children, yet,the administration alongside a complicit State House of Assembly blamed and criminalised the unsuspecting rural dwellers as the cause of the mayhem. They found pleasure in the flow of human blood.

Though, youths, men and women that were robbed of their votes with lies in 2015 are patiently but eagerly awaiting the day of political retribution in the forthcoming election. There is no denying that it has been more woes than gains in the State under the current dispensation. There is an obvious fact that can never be shaken off, that is, ‘El-rufai’ was never ready for governance when the mishap that brought him to power occurred.

It is unwise to travel a very long journey with a very old scrawny smoky car because you will end up spending one week on the road instead of one day. You’ve to stop a number of times to gauge the tyres, radiator and engine oil which translates to incurring extra cost and delays in the journey. The engine might even breakdown because it cannot lodge the pressure of working for hours like a car with sound engine capacity.

This is precisely the graphic of Nigeria and its epileptic President (Muhammadu Buhari).

For a President to effectively serve a Big Nation like Nigeria, he has to work at least 16 hours of the 24 hours that make a day and rest for 6 hours. One who is not healthy and strong may collapse due to too much pressure and challenges that is concomitant with the nature of the Nigerian state with dissimilarities in tribe, religion, and culture.

The ride is very slow with a lot of frustration on the way for a country like Nigeria that has to cover longer distance before getting to its destination. Erroneously, the choice for a 76 years old (approximated ‘official’ age) President, who is weak and said to behaving health challenges and once collapsed even before his election as the President of Nigeria has not only delayed the journey but thrown the country in recession. Insofar, we have been on a journey to nowhere with an administration that is its own audience in all matters and the common man alienated completely from affairs of State.

President Buhari hardly works for more than six hours a day, and once it is noon like the retired general had spent all his days after his botched stint in government, he has to hurriedly swallow his pills to step down his high blood pressure as the overwhelming realization that the nation is not in anyways akin to the animal farm he has managed over the past years since he left public service. In his absence the beast she has brought in to the villa made the best of the opportunity for looting like never before. Just within two years of taking over power, the APC has taken Nigeria’s destiny some decades backwards far worse than they even met it.  Ninety per cent of Nigerians are disappointed, yet to some who never meant  well for this country, they do not see anything wrong even if the country got hit by an earthquake for as long as it is ‘their own in power, they don’t care’. The President is nowhere to be found, the bloody cabal have confiscated the Presidency while perpetrating underground evil.  Even the first lady, Aisha Buhari doesn’t have access to her husband, like the rest of Nigerians she doesn’t even know whether her husband is alive or dead. The impression is that, the president is running the affairs of our country from his sick bed in the United Kingdom, and despite the untold hardship the confused misled poor masses do not see anything wrong with that, as long they have the premonition that it is their own ruling.

This blood craving beasts, evil mafia, agents of Beelzebub that sold their souls to the gods of the moon continue to hold the nation to ransom, exchanging democracy with monarchical systems and thereby making lives uncomfortable for Nigerians. They’re the ones controlling the Acting President to the extent that he had to seek their approval before assenting to the 2017 budget. I don’t blame them but those who are before us who sit idly and refused to challenge the notorious status quo in the hand of the oligarchy, in its infancy before adulthood. Evil is full-fledged in Nigeria today because the people of conscience refuse to join ranks, stand tall and resist the evil.

The Acting President, Prof. Yemi Osibanjo need not to be reminded that ‘Nigeria’ has empowered him to serve in the capacity of the President and must make true those words  for which Nigerians had allowed the ballot to swing towards the APC in the first place. The power now rest in his hands, as the Acting President, to fire and to appoint, without the approval of any nefarious cabal. We believed in your competency and your passion to serve our country without compromise. This is an outstanding opportunity at your doorstep which you may not have again, yet for which you will forever be honoured or blamed by escapists who today exalt your loyalty. That loyalty is misplaced, if it is not to the Nigerian state. The common man is not ignorant to the fact that the directives are not coming from the President anymore, but instead from the men who have usurped and replaced his family in a power management exercise.  I see you (Prof. Yemi Osibanjo) betraying the hope of the nation on you as you refuse to exhibit the needed courage to trample upon the snakes and scorpions that have seen change as only replacing the old guest on the table and nothing more.

One fundamental achievement no one can take away from the current administrations however is: the awakening of that need for change with a more fervent purpose. The moments of regrets are fast passing with each calendar day that brings to an end the tenants of elected public offices in Nigeria. Hopefully Nigerians will make the best of it this time.


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