The general consensus amongst the people of Kaduna State today is that they have no worst and common enemy than El-Rufa’i as governor who presides over their affairs. The reasons for this popular opinion and open declaration on the governor is not far fetched. It is a common principle that Democratic governments the world over exist for the interest of the governed, where the safety and happiness of the people are primary and always guaranteed.

However, contrary to this common principle of democratic governance, El-Rufa’i only turned out to be personally interested only about his own safety and happiness as well as the safety and happiness of his aides, family and friends.

For close to 3 years that El-Rufa’i stayed as governor of Kaduna, he had inflicted untold pains and suffering to the citizens through many of his obnoxious policies and actions.

Some of these obnoxious policies and actions include; the loss of over 33,000 direct jobs in both the state and local governments levels disguised in the name of reforms, the bastardization of the civil service, wastage and financial recklessness, alleged direct stealing from the public purse, alleged abuse of procurement processes and procedures, abuse of extant laws and administrative procedures in the conduct of affairs of government, Annihilation and natural disregard for the people of southern kaduna, Auction of government owned houses and other assets to aides and cronies, Brazen disregard for Court Orders, Abuse in Land administration, unjust demolition of people’s houses and markets, introduction of unreasonable taxes and levies amidst hunger etc. (At the appropriate time we shall release details on each and more)

Another matter of deep concern which is occupying the mind of people in Kaduna state today is on the type of character and personality of the governor, Nasir El-Rufa’i. A lot of people who did not know El-Rufa’i well but supported him in the build up to the 2015 general elections are today disappointed. The general feeling among the citizenry is that the governor is wicked, vindictive, greedy, penchant for lying (as attested by his former boss Obasanjo )and above all arrogant.

In the light of these predicament which befell the good people of Kaduna State, it will not only be disastrous but suicidal to allow El-Rufa’i the opportunity of a second term.
Therefore, it becomes imperative for a collective action to oust El-Rufa’i led government through every democratic means possible, so as to stop the brazen abuse and restore the freedom, dignity, and prosperity of the people.

Below are some tips for the good people of Kaduna State on how to achieve this important task:

1. There is the need for all political parties, aspiring politicians, and other key stakeholders in Kaduna state to set aside individual differences and work for the common interest of the people of our dear state.

2. Allow the emergence of a consensus, but credible candidate regardless of political party, sectional and religious affiliation to contest against El-Rufa’i under whatever platform. The candidate must be humble, visionary, focused, knowledgeable, experienced, a bridge builder, accommodating and above all must rule with the fear of God.

3. Develop a political structure that will work with all the victimized and sacked state and local government employees. For example a lot of them should be encouraged to participate in politics, through vying for political offices and some of them should help in the campaigns and the rest could serve as agents of candidates who will be contesting against El-Rufa’i and others seeking re-election especially some members of the KDSHA.

4. Develop a working template and agenda for the new government that will take over from El-Rufa’i. (for example the new government must run an all inclusive government, the new government must also reverse all the obnoxious and anti-people policies immediately, it must ascertain extent of financial abuse and self- enrichment, commence with the procedures for investigation, assets recoveries and prosecution etc.)

5. Prepare a 10 years robust infrastructure and financial master-plan. The infrastructure master-plan will help in the planning, design and execution of critical infrastructure project for socio-economic development across the length and breadth of our dear state.

6. The financial master-plan on the other hand will help to come up with various funding options as well as provide support on practical techniques and action plan for correcting the huge deficit position in the state budgeting structure.

This is a point that is absolutely necessary, as whoever becomes governor must in addition to possessing a strong mental capacity to deal ruthlessly with any mess inherited from El-Rufa’i, but would also require for reference a well articulated and prepared documents.

Muhammad Lawal Shehu (Molash) is a member of Kaduna Restoration Group.

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