Unhealthy rivalry has enveloped the media office of Kogi governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello as the percentage of who takes what out of 50 million naira budget approved by the governor during the litigation was tinkered without  recourse

Ahead of series of litigation,the former SA media to the governor now redeployed to the ministry of information was advised by his colleagues to request for quantum budget by his aides to enable them populate the space with propaganda

Crises set in when ego and performance between the former CPS‎ and SA media and strategy to the governor hence accusing fingers became the other of the day,though there was an agreement that each member of the media team acquired a car from the fund

Greed,mischief and over ambition became the other of the day as the former CPS now DG seldom champion several propaganda campaign both in the electronic and print media compared to the less vocal,non professional and unqualified colleagues in the team

Even though monies were regularly dished out to satisfy themselves,journalists both in the print and electronic media were been short-changed,threatened and harassed after every assignment instead of paying off their entitlements after every assignment due to them

As at press time,staff of channels, AIT, Silver-bird were been threatened along with those of print media to follow up the outstanding bills for advert,and other services owed them by the state government which monies were made available and payment was turned down

The situation has led to frequent crises between the NUJ members, Kogi state chapter and the correspondent chapel whose offspring is now the DG along with the former chairman of the chapel but refused to protect the interest of their colleagues

Further investigation confirmed this development to have led to the taking over by the office of chief of staff to the governor,to stem any embarrassment,a situation alien at the corridor of power

Another source confirmed that a SSA on print media to the governor with diploma in journalism went home with the balance of 9m out of the 50m booties insisting not to return the money to anybody,a situation that have embarrassed the government

Reliable sources confirmed that the governor piqued by the development promised to overhaul the entire unit as soon as possible to avoid further embarrassment.

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