St. Francis Catholic Church in Gonin-Gora, was yesterday packed full with well-wishers. It was the celebration of an Amazon and Conqueror of Breast Cancer- an indefatigable fighter who have been in the battle field, fighting cancer for decades.

Yesterday was Ms. Miracle Bavo Gloria Nyan’s birthday celebration. It was indeed a celebration of life and God’s miracle upon her life which was graced by no fewer than ten Priests.

Also in attendance were the legion of women fellowship and choir.

The women sang their hearts out that a passer-by could easily conclude that it was the women sing songs service that was taking place yesterday. But, on the contrary, the women were celebrating a celebrity, an icon, an inspiration, a motivator, a dogged fighter and a hero in Ms Miracle Bavo Gloria Nyan. Without mincing words, swansylinks was there live.

Everyone in attendance sang and danced to my surprised. I also danced because it was long I listened to such a beautiful rendition by the women fellowship that I almost forgot it was Miracle’s birthday thanksgiving mass.

The celebrant was well seated as she is still battling with stomach cancer. The only time she stood up was when she danced forward to present her thanksgiving gift which she presented to the church. And that session was greeted with songs of praises by all through the leadership of the women fellowship singing group.

One would have wondered why these women were celebrating this icon or a celebrity as it was rightly put by Rev Father Anthony. The answer is not far fetch. Ms Miracle Bavo Gloria Nyan is a philanthropist, who has touched so many lives, specially the lives of widows through her philanthropy. Despite her condition, she never allowed it to weigh her down.

Down to the reception venue, swansylinks was surprised to see the multitude of people, who were not able to make it to the church already well seated patiently, as they waited for the arrival of the celebrant.

While they were all waiting, the ushers and the organizers who were led by Mrs Patience Dodo served everyone present with variety of delicacy, which was prepared specially for them. While the guests were still eating, a soothing song was filtering through the DJ’s speakers, which added colours to the gathering. The stage was well decorated with beautiful colours and a Christmas’ light.

The celebrant stepped into the venue accompanied by her friends, triggered roaring of cheers by the guest who were well fed already before her arrival.

The celebrant cut her cake after spelling Jesus. Photographs were shots with the celebrant.

It was indeed a spectacular and a well-organized birthday ceremony. Swansylinks couldn’t get to interview the celebrant as she was engaged by well-wishers.




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