Distinguished Senator Danjuma Laah is a man who operates on the biblical principles of the left hand not seeing what the right hand is doing. This should have been a good and a virtuous thing, but in the political terrain, it is a huge sin and very consequential against the benefactor. This is because political opponents, looking for faultslines, will hold tightly to any chink and kinks, real or imagined to pull their rivals down.

This informed why I have taken my time to inform the world of his activities in and outside the red chambers. To avoid sounding immodest or patronizing, I will like to say here that I believe this is necessary to clear the air around rumour peddlers claiming the Senator has done little or nothing in terms of welfare, even when they know, the senator’s basic responsibility is to represent his people well.

Before the Christmas and new year celebrations, Senator Danjuma La’ah gave out bags of rice and cash sum of 50,000 naira each to all first class chiefs across the 8 Local Government Areas of his senatorial zone. He also gave out bags of rice and cash sum of 25,000 naira each to serving and sacked District Heads across the zone to cushion the effect of the poor economy, coupled with the effect of their sack by the APC leadership in the state. This is just a tip off the icebergs of his kind gestures since becoming a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria representing zone three. His silence over these things is why persons could claim he is careless about welfare of persons at the grass roots. Besides, the senator has always felt the pains and anguish of his people in the middle of constant assaults by marauders. He mourned with the people of Sanga, Ikulu, Nindem and all other victims of constant aggression.

The man Senator Danjuma Laah is tirelessly working for the betterment of Southern Kaduna senatorial zone and I believe he will do even more and get more grounded if given the opportunity.


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