Audu Jangba,Jr.,(NGA)

The Gbagyi people are found in five states in Nigeria, namely Niger,Nassarawa,Kogi,Kaduna and including Abuja and we are sprayed over thirty-one(31) Local Government Areas in Nigeria. According to the National Population Census in 2006,our population was at 5.8 million.

We the Gbagyi people are 90 percent in Abuja and densely populated. We are at the right hand of history for being industrious,accommodating to strangers in our land and above all we are known for our ecclesiastic in juncture as peace loving people wherever we live.

However,the ecclesiastic in juncture of Gbagyi people for peaceful coexistence should not be taken for cowardice and it should not equally be abused. We the good and peace loving Gbagyi people of Bwari Area Council have been marginalized in our own land.

It all started in 1976 when the present Abuja was together with Niger state,the late Ijakoro came to Bwari as a Tax Collector the then Niger state under the Emirate when it was still under Niger State.

In Bwari Area Council,there are two wards namely Shere and Kawu which the Koro people are residents,but Bwari community does not have Koro as the aborigines of Bwari and Koro is even 2℅ in Federal Capital Territory.

The late Ijakoro was made a Second Class Chief in Bwari Area Council as against the wish of the Gbagyi aborigines of Bwari in 1997.

A similar incident took place in Kwali Area Council, when the Kwali emir who originated from Katsina passed away,his stool was not given to his son instead the Gbagyi Chief was upgraded to a second class stool.

The bone of contention in this case of Bwari Area Council is that the present Minister of Federal Capital Territory(FCT) Mal Muhammed Bello would have passed the stool and upgrade the aborigine (Gbagyi people) of Bwari to Second Class Chief and maintain statuesque like that of Kwali Area Council,instead the son of the late Ijakoro will now take over as Second Class Chief in a state he has no ancestry. Ijakoro claims to belong to Koro of abuja that is less than 5℅ as against the Aboriginal gbagyi that are about 90℅ in population.

It is miscarriage of justice to impose a chief on the good Gbagyi of Bwari Area Council,one will think that after making wider consultations the Minister of FCT will do the needful and coronate a Gbagyi man as second class chief but he has refused decided to be autocratic in this matter by imposing a man from Niger state on us.

Now, the FCT Minister have decided to coronate the Koro man as next second class Chief at the expense of the indigenous Gbagyi of Bwari.

We the entire Gbagyi of Bwari and Nigeria as a whole hereby condemn this unfair act and we will do the needful within the confine of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to resist this imposition of a stranger on us.

Although,there is insinuation that the First Class Chief have been reserved for Gbagyi to occupy with time that is why the Koro man will be coronated and later on the Gbagyi will be coronated the First Class Chief. We the entire Gbagyi people unanimously say,”NO” to such insinuation.We still stand our ground. Give us that which is ours and when the time comes for the First Class Chief, let a Gbagyi man be upgraded.

We the entire Gbagyi of Bwari Area Council are calling on the attention of the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to reverse this decision or erroneous appointment made by Mal Muhammed Bello the Minister of FCT.

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