‘Mama Taraba’; Voice Of Friends Or Foes?.

A trip down to southern Taraba, Takum and its environs in particular would reveal that a particular mantra has become the daily saying of the majority of the people. Any exit outside Takum town on any direction, would also reveal the popularity of that mantra, ‘mama Taraba’. The generous and indiscriminate internet is not an uncommon place for that same mantra. In reality, it would have meant that whoever that mantra was coined for, is loved so much by the people who coined it as well as those who use it! .However, I have come to a valid conclusion that the mantra is not only a misnomer but also an apparent aberration, as those who coined and those who use it do so, not for the love they have for the the senator in question, but for their selfish gains. Thus, I have been pondering if the voice that doe echoes ‘Mama Taraba’ is a voice of friends or voice of the foes.

Deciphering and differentiating friends from enemies is one of the most difficult tasks known to mankind. It is not an easy task to know who are actually against you until you are death, for those enemies who want your downfall, would always pretend to love you. They disguise themselves as friends, get close to you and put the knife to your throat and slit it, leaving you bleeding to death. Your enemies praise you when you are getting things wrong, they cheer you up whenever you engage yourself in deleterious act or tasks and tactically dissuade you whenever you embark on any productive venture that will bring success to you. They are always by your side, not as caring friends, but like vultures gathering round a sick child in the bush waiting for the child to die so that they could feast on the remains. I see no difference between those calling senator Aisha ‘mama Taraba and those evils people who disguise themselves as friends when they are actually enemies! Those projecting Aisha above DSK, are enemies of the senator! If they claim they Love senator Aisha, they should tell her the simple truth, they should tell senator Aisha that her chance of becoming Governor of Taraba state in 2019 is closer to zero(0) than it is close to ten(10) on the scale of one hundred(100). Those praise singers who know next to nothing in politics could be forgiven, but those who are padding her on the back and those who have taken upon themselves to campaign for her, both on the internet and the real world can not be forgiven. They should approach her and tell her the truth. Perhaps ,they won’t tell her the truth, not because they believe that she has a chance, but because they are afraid of having an empty ‘bowel of coin’. That is if you don’t want to use the phrase ’empty pockets’. But I advise them to tell her the truth, and save her from spending and wasting her resources , creating some few friends, mainly deceivers and political praise singers and at the same times making many enemies. However, I know these sycophants whose interest is to siphons the senator money and resources, will never speak out the truth to her. I therefore take it upon myself to educate them on how the Senator has no chance comes 2019!.

Here I go!. The senator is not from southern Taraba! It is politically and morally imbalance to cut short the eight years team of the zone in the government house. The northern senatorial zone had their son in power for eight years after which power was handed down to the central zone. And now, it is the turn of southern Taraba to do the 8year team. If DDI has failed as we all know, senator Aisha, or any other person from other zone shouldn’t be allowed to truncate the 8years team at hand. It is therefore, a political pariah that the protagonists of Aisha want to melt on the people of southern Taraba. One may argue that zoning system is not in the constitution of Nigeria or Taraba state, but how could we achievements collective sense of belonging and coexisting if we failed to support ideology that internalizes every part of the state and gives everyone sense of belonging?. Whether you object to this particular view or ascend to it, more voters out there will support the ideology than those who will be against it.

Secondly, Senator Aisha is a woman. With formal education under my belt, I have 100% respect for womenfolk, including senator Aisha.I believe that they are not inferior to men in politics. But majority of the voters out there have opposite view of a man in our society. I am pretty sure that those who light and transmit the name, ‘Mama Taraba’ will never, ever allow their wives to be the decision makers in their families. I therefore wonder how and why they think they can sell Aisha candidature to the Taraba state electorates and voters, without qualms. Maybe they have poor knowledge of the social settings and make up of the state. A state with a sizeable population of Moslems, a handful traditional worshipers and a significant numbers of Christians, covered with high levels of illiteracy and substandard formal educational products will never allow a woman to rule them. Islam is against a woman leading men, Christianity negates same and traditional worshipers forbid it. I see no how these sycophants can get in to the minds of these complicated population of people and convince them to vote for the senator. If United state of America could not vote Clinton as a female US president, I doubt if Tarabans can defile the jinks and vote for Aisha.
When they speak about the senator experience , I do ask them to visit her senatorial districts! The zone is worst in term of social amenities and road network! I can tell you that she did little or nothing to ameliorate the suffering of her people! in her years in the senate, she couldn’t fix any of the roads for her people and she wants to be a governor before can fix the roads.

Aisha can deliver, but nothing apart from seasonal rice, pieces of cloths, handsets, mobile bikes, and some few cars to her elite praise Singers. She cares for the people of Taraba state only during campaign and election periods!. When last did she share rice? wrapper? when last did she share salt, Maggi? when last did she send a bike or a car for someone? Don’t worry, she will soon send some. She will soon bring more. The time is near. But if I may ask, who have been feeding these people mama will soon bring rice for?
It is ridicules and almost a self harm to dethrone DDi, reject DSK and bring on Senator AiSha.

If I say, I love Chief David Sabo Kente, aka( DSK) I said it with confidence! I believe he can deliver. He has proved that, beyond a reasonable doubt. DSK has never been a seasonal giver! He gives during rainy season through the dry season in to the rainy season again and the cycle continues! He has done that indiscriminately and continuously for more than a decade today and he is still doing it! Can he stop it? perhaps, when death comes calling, DSK has laid the foundations to help his people for as long as he lives. What a man and what a gift we have In DSK? He is just unmatched! When others are stealing from the masses , he gives to masses. where someone is in need, DSK doesn’t hesitate to offer help.
Being from southern Taraba, and a tested and trusted man of good conscience and outstanding benevolence, he is the right person to replace the mismatched and the misfiring DDI in Jalingo comes 2019!

There is no doubt, ‘Mama Taraba’ is the voice of enemies of Senator Aisha, foe of DSK and terrors of our wonderful state. They can’t tell Aisha the Truth, the can’t support DSK , holding our state to ransome. These group of people are Trinity of foes! foes Against Aisha, foes Against DSk and Foes against Taraba state!⁠⁠⁠⁠

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