Sen Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi, a presidential aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the 2019 election. Senator Makarfi has admonished the leadership of its party to thread with caution in harbouring and admitting those that decamped to the party in recent times to avoid confusion.

The former caretaker national chairman of the PDP, Sen Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi gave this warning on Friday in Lokoja during his meeting with leaders and stakeholders of the PDP in Kogi State to canvass their supports for his presidential aspiration.

The party’s leadership must be careful so as not to repeat past mistake that brought in Senator Ali Modu Sheriff with the hope that he will unite the aggrieved members instead destroyed it.

He said “Everybody is welcome but we must be careful so we don’t give the impression that it doesn’t pay to be loyal. We must be careful how we harbour and admit those that are decamping to the party. It must be balanced in a way that the interest of everybody is taken care of.

“We must not create a situation whereby you have a home and you have a visitor and when the visitor comes, you give him a guest room to stay; then the next day, he wants the masters bedroom and then the next day, you leave the home for him…does that happen?

“PDP must never allow that kind of thing to happen. Let them come in and enjoy the privileges but you must know what to give and what not to give”.

He said PDP shouldn’t make the mistake of choosing the wrong candidate at the primaries and who would flag the party’s presidential ticket come 2019. He added; “It will be a great disaster not only for the PDP but entire Nigeria if we make that mistake”.

He advised the delegates to go for credible candidates and should not allow themselves to be enticed by moneybags.

“Together we can make it. If they give you their bags of money, collect it but go and do the right thing. After all, you are not going to give receipts. Collect and do the right thing and don’t collect bank draft or transfer from their personal accounts” (laughter), he said.

Sen Makarfi said, Nigeria is currently faced with myriads of problems such as insecurity, hunger, lack of cohesiveness, joblessness and poverty, saying that it takes a credible and vision leader to curb these menace.

“We want a society where there is equitable distribution of wealth so that everybody can feed and take care of their families; educate their children, provide shelter for their family and provide good healthcare for their family and feel secured”, he said.

Makarfi said he has the capacity to turn around the fortunes of Nigeria for the better and urged the PDP stakeholders in Kogi State to give him their supports.

In response to Sen Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi, the PDP Chairman in the state, Engr Sam Uhotu, assured him of their supports, saying that the PDP would have been buried if not for his efforts that rescued the party.

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