By Daniel Waje

6th December, 2018

Small Scale business otherwise known as small business is a business that employs a small number of workers as the name implies and does not have a high volume of sales capacity. It is characterized with privately owned and operated sole proprietorships, corporations or partnerships.

Contrary to what most people think, capital is not the greatest challenge of starting such a business rather the greatest challenge is getting the proper business ideas.
If one has the capital but does not have the concrete and solid business ideas in place, then there is the probability that one will end up wasting his or her resource by investing in the business that will not bring any attractive returns. To this effect, every small business owner and potential owner must take out time to engage him/herself in profitable business ideas to be able to stay in the business.

Going by the above premises, a business guru, mr Emmanuel Kaduna alias Dums in collaboration with Rev. Bidoli of ECWA Good News Kabala West Kaduna, conceived the idea to organize a seminar that will involve some business owners and potential business owners in Kabala West on how to improve and set up business(s) that will be of profitable to them and the community.

Four resource persons were invited: Mr Yahaya saleh, Mr David Yakubu, Miss Mercy Swanta Musa and Mrs Sarah. They spoke on various topics and also shared their experiences on how they started as business owners to where they have found themselves now.
Mr Yahaya Saleh spoke on the importance of keeping record in business, mr David Yakubu dicussed some businesses that are categorized under agriculture; poultry farming, fish farming and others, Mercy swanta on her part engaged the participants on social media marketing while Mrs Sarah took time to talk on business plan and proposal.
Questions were raised from the angle of the participants and the resource persons responded appropriately to the questions.

At the peak of the event, breakfast of tea was given to everyone as Mr Joel Bitrus instigated the listeners with his testimony on how he started his business without Capital and now, he is doing very well.

In conclusion, the organizers thanked everyone for attending and promised to have the second meeting in June 2018. Closing prayer was said.

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