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I shed real tears after reading through Governor Ortom’s speech. In Ortom, Benue has a leader. The man will not lead over the dead but the living. This man reminds me of the only leader I have in Kaduna State: Senator Danjuma Laah. When my Bible ask me to pray for my leader, I pray for Danjuma Laah. Laah is the leader the Bible ask me to pray for, not Buhari nor El-Rufai. This is because Buhari and El-Rufai don’t give a fuck about me. And even with the powers and Authority at their disposals, with a constitutional mandate to defend my right to live, Buhari and El-Rufai use these power and authority to defend those who murder me illegally while intimidating and armtwisting those who dare to speak on my behalf. I don’t have a president. I don’t have a governor: they protect my murderers not me. I only have a Senator as my supreme political leader in Kaduna state. When you read through Ortom’s speech, you will understand why we don’t have a president. A president who ordered soldiers into Benue without consorting with the state Chief executive officer doesn’t mean well. And allegations are rife that soldiers deployed are selectively Fulani soldiers with tacit instructions to protect the Fulanis. It is no surprise that killings continue unabated in Benue with the Governor himself being a victim, given that his farm was attacked a couple of days ago, just like Laah’s Kaduna home was attacked by federal police.

Ortom described the IGP as a Fulani mouthpiece and rebuked the IGP’s reference of him as a drowning man. Ortom condemned the minister of defence and described them both as unfit. Ortom understands that Benue first and pledged to change party if his people so wish. Ortom is now a hunted man for standing with his people just like Danjuma Laah was hunted by Governor El-Rufai, Miyetti Allah and etc for speaking up against the massacres in southern kaduna to the chagrin of the murderers. The latest press release given by Danjuma captures the spirit of a die-hard patriot. Read below the moving emotional speech of Governor Ortom:

“I’m a member of the APC, but I cannot keep quiet when my people are being annihilated, I will not accept that because I cannot be Governor over dead people. I’m not a dead man either. The responsibility of enforcing the law is that of the federal government. That is why I have joined the voices calling for the restructuring of the country. Because we cannot have an IGP who is the mouthpiece of Miyetti Allah. And we cannot have a minister who should be protecting the territorial integrity of this country coming out to say it is foreigners that are responsible for the killings. We cannot have a security architecture that is not ready to protect lives and property. That allow herdsmen carry guns and displaying it openly.

Today herdsmen have also taken over kidnapping in the country from North to South because they have guns and are being protected by the IGP and when you talk they start calling you names. I must send a message that Samuel Ortom is not a drowning man. I was a nobody but God lifted me to several important position in life, so I know where I’m coming from, I’m not a drowning man. I dropped out of school in 1979 but I hold a Doctorate Degree today.

After passing through several leadership positions in this country today I am a Governor and I’m doing my job. Now it is clear that our country must be restructured for the tenets of rule of law to be respected. Any herdsmen that is not comfortable with the grazing law should go to Kano where the Governor has requested that they come. Today because of the activities of herdsmen in Benue state over 60,000 of our children can no longer go to school and are residing in seven IDP camps across the state. They have truncated the education of our children. It is very painful.

To compound the problem the crisis in Cameroon has spilled to Kwande and we have opened two camps where 7,000 persons are being housed, so on the whole we have nine IDP camps in Benue state. After the killings of the 73 people the killings are still continuing almost on a daily basis and more people are coming into the IDP camps. “Though I read that Mr. President has approved the deployment of the military, I thank the President though I have not been communicated officially but I hope it will help in restoring peace and normalcy.

Regrettably his directive to the IGP to relocate to Benue was not obeyed and he also failed to do his job. We are calling for his resignation. Such people cannot work for Mr. President he needs better people to assist him including the Minister of Defence. These are bare footed people who have nothing to offer. I commend the National Assembly for rejecting the biased report of the IGP which portrayed him as the mouthpiece of Miyetti. I am a member of the APC and about the issue of joining another vehicle, Benue people are here and they are hearing you. I cannot decide for Benue people, the people will decide, it is what they want that I will want. Anything Benue people say I should do, I will do.”

May God save our beloved country from vampires and blood-suckers that the APC has proven herself to be. And may the plans of these vampires to hunt leaders like Senator Danjuma Laah, Governor Ortom, Governor Fayose, Governor Wike and etc who put their people first before anything, be futile.

Justice Kibai is a local political analyst and humanist with a passion for responsible leadership in Nigeria, equal rights and justice.

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