When you see an elected politician holding any religious symbol, and makes a statement promising to live by, and at the end, he/she path and marshal out plans to start buying the most expensive luxuries in Dubai, enrich his/her village chieftains, get new maidens, prostitute around with public trust, compromised the faith of his/her people, and indebt the future generations with no course should give us a dawn to wail bitterly for been ignorant and to have given chance to such unreasonable men who have no value to live for, but to cause and inflict pain on the defenseless. They have no regard to religion and regard for divinity. We campaign for such men, put our lives in danger for them, fight with our brothers and friends because of them, riot the whole nation for their blind courses, prostrate for their treachery, our constitution suffers defeat in their hands. And unfortunately this has been the reality of Nigeria for years.

“We have finally nurtured a political system that
concentrate on the values of political parties
development, achievement, and electoral
successes than the values of Nigeria, and its future”.

The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria provides for an oath of Allegiance and oath of office for the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Vice President, the Governors, Deputy Governors, Ministers, Commissioners, Special advisers, the State Houses of Assembly, the National Assembly and so on at all levels. But to look at Nigerias political, social and economic horizon shows that every spirit of the letter in the oath of office has been breached by our leaders.
In part IV under Supplemental, the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria provides in section 290 subsection I on Judicial Officers that

A person appointed to any judicial office shall not
begin to perform the functions of that office until
he has declared his assets and liabilities as prescribed
under the constitution and has subsequently taken
and subscribed to the oath of allegiance and the
judicial oath prescribed in the seventh schedule to this
It may seem like those who often violet oath even when they swear with religious symbol are never caught up with their deeds. The judicial oath is perfect; well underpinned to protect the interest of the office. But unfortunately some office holders are shameless, product of lies, killers of national growth, they have no conscience of whatsoever, they are bitterly inconsiderate and wicked.
My point is ahead of 2019 election, these men keep appearing and seeking for reelection. They wallow us with lies, they look deserted and shade tears on media pleading to go back to office. Must we continue in this circle, must we continue to trade our hunger for Nigeria to come, must our present sufferings defines us? NO.
Our fathers, mothers, and children are hungry, and this has resulted them into taking decisions that have hurt them in return. Decisions such as trading the future of our love ones for a cup of rice, salt, morsel of meat, N1000 and so on. And we live in hardships for years. This art will continue until we get it right.
The strive for better lives by individual Nigerians is not worth the sacrifice of our future as one nation.

Daniel Musa Yerima


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