Since the last general election that ushered in this government, loads and lots of observation from different persons has greeted the template of expectations by Nigerians.

Going by the present economic circumstances that has engulfed the entirety of country, the hope for a better tomorrow seem to have graduated into uncertainties, as hunger has pervaded the land. To this end, many has embellished their expectations on self blames and condemnation as they feel this government is a huge Joke and a mistake. Many had expected rapid economic transformation especially going by the momentum and attractive manifestos they reeled out before the election.

The youth in their large circles happens to be more confused than those piloting the affairs of their expectations, this has placed many on the side Lane of absolute dejection and acrimonious end.

However. No matter the amount of blame game, things are likely to remain this way until eternity except some positive drastic actions are taken to cushion the effect of the present situation. Very soon, political posters will be flooded on the streets in preparation for 2019.

The question therefore is; for how long are we going to continue like this? When are we going to adopt the measures of drifting from the popular monotonous pattern of self inflicted decision to a more realistic platform where words and promises will be taken with utmost sacredness and sagacity?

The clarion call for total reformation and taking back Nigeria is for all. This call is not a partisan call, it’s a call to come together and fathom a way out of our present predicament and take charge of our destinies as a Nation.‎ The time is now!

Enough of the failure analysis
Enough of blame game and pretense
Enough of the hate and stagnated development

Who says we cant sack any non-performing minister or political representative of any office?
It is not all about interest but about the tomorrow of our present now and that of our generation unborn
It is not about hate but about the haughty stride that will hold our future together as a country
It is simply not about partisan or blind support of whatever sort

Join us if you care for this reformation as we clique together to device means for our better tomorrow.


We believe we can do this and posterity will not only be kind to us but will adjudicate us in the near future that we stood where others found blames and hates.

Get in touch.
Prince C.Daniels Onyemaka



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